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( – Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

How I heard of this place: Our trips to Abbotsford to visit our good, long-time friends always included an additional drive to North Vancouver for Persian kabob and all the yumminess that goes with it. On a recent trip up, we were told a newer place had opened up and the food is good enough to forgo an additional one hour drive. We gave it a shot. Then again.

Type of cuisine: Welcome to KING KABOB restaurant in Abbotsford, the first and primary unique Kabob House in Fraser Valley. We’re honor to deliver a variety of Persian and middle-eastern flame-broiled inspired juicy kabobs, cooking traditions and recipes with our unique, creative way to fit the diverse Canadian customer. The food has made from quality fresh ingredients, first quality halal meats and delicately balanced and mixed with herbs, spices, nuts and flavors such as saffron, dried limes, cinnamon, parsley and much more. 

Our dishes are mostly gluten free, very easy to love, mostly low in fat with no hot spices or fried meats and absolutely good for kids. 

We use only halal meats hormone and steroid-free in all of our dishes that is healthier and more beneficial for humans vs. regular meats. Halal meat tastes better, is healthier and stays fresh longer due to the absence of blood making it resistant to bacteria.

Saffron is also a very costly spice that is very beneficial for human’s health, used to flavor and color food. We use saffron in most of our dishes. Our goal is simple, to focus consistently on customer satisfaction and offer them an impeccable premium service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, and professionalism.

Ambiance: A simple, clean space with modern set tiles and hardwood floors, the space welcomes patrons with it’s franchise-esque uniforms, and quick-serve, fast-food-like displays of flame-grilled goods.

Limited seating at tables with chairs in the small restaurant, seemingly catering mostly to take-away orders, the friendly, warm staff easily make patrons feel welcome and comfortable in the crisp, clean restaurant.

What I ordered: The Royal Mix Kabob (CAD$17.95) for me, including one skewer of golden chicken kabob and one of the koobideh, served with a mountain of rice, side hummus and side salad.

We also selected a side of Mastomusir (CAD$4.95),

and complimentary pita bread with butter.

What I loved: The pungent and slightly rose-hinted mastomusir, thick and delicious was a true highlight! My personal favorite of the meat options at the table (spicy chicken, regular chicken, koobideh kabob) was the spicy chicken!

Why I loved it: A clean, filling establishment with friendly service, healthy portions and buttery rice.

Cost: Average to high ($10.95 – $25.95 per entree)

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