Cafe Suisse

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( – South Lake Union area of north downtown, Seattle, Washington

Cafe Suisse

How I heard of this place: I’ve walked by it a dozen times, and little bearing did the A-frame sandwich board outside have on my daily goings-on.

Cafe Suisse Menu

Until my husband came home with a card for a free espresso beverage.

Cafe Suisse Counter at Street Facing Window

I was certainly up for a visit, and boy, do I wish I had gone years ago!

Cafe Suisse Espresso Space

(The store has been around for about eight years, while the cafe space opened up about five years ago.)

Cafe Suisse Coffee Shop Corner

Type of cuisine: A quaint cafe with all things Swiss, from chocolates and such accoutrements,

Cafe Suisse Treats for Sale

wooden toys, hand-knit plush figures and a coffee shop to boot,

Cafe Suisse Toys!

glorious espresso beverages, pastries – many of which are flown in! –

Cafe Suisse Coffee Shop Pastries

and some sandwiches for dining in the store or to take away.

Cafe Suisse Coffee Shop Wall Cut-Out

Ambiance: Small and cramped, each hole stuffed with a new treasure to discover,

Cafe Suisse Wall Decor

the coffee shop is a welcome retreat as one takes a break from perusing the beautiful toys,

Cafe Suisse In-Store Dining

foods, and gifts that the establishment has to offer.

Cafe Suisse Children's Seating

What I ordered: A Swiss Mocha, “Seattle’s best” (and maybe only)!

What I loved: The dark, bitterness of the chocolate used, the creamy, velvety, smoothness of the milk accompanying the boldness of Victrola Coffee.

Cafe Suisse Stools and Mini Barquette

Why I loved it: Quaint, kitsch, cluttered and beautiful in every European way you could want.

Cafe Suisse Counter Facing Store

Step off the street in Seattle and into a little Swiss shoppe.

Cafe Suisse Treats and Seating

A friendly barista tops off the experience with a tasty beverage!

Cost: Low to average ($2.40 – $4.40 per espresso beverage)

Cafe Suisse Aviators

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