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( – Old Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington

Caffe Umbria Ballard 2

How I heard of this place: We were on our way to Hot Cakes, in Ballard, for a Sweet Week treat and found that they were 35-minutes from opening. On our walk to Cafe Miro, we decided coffee sounded better as we stumbled upon Caffe Umbria.

Caffe Umbria Ballard Bean Smelling Station

Type of cuisine: Our café in the historic Ballard neighborhood of Seattle is designed to bring the urban European café experience to the neighborhood level where people live and relax. Our brand and aesthetic has always been a blending of rustic and modern elements. That same ideal describes Ballard and our café, where we highlight a variety of brew methods, including traditional stove top Moka espresso. The Ballard café will feature locally baked goods from Le Panier and Macrina, light lunch fare from the Volterra kitchen next door and a selection of Italian wine and beer.

Caffe Umbria Ballard Barista Station

Ambiance: We create spaces where the European café experience and the engaging, intimate feel of the neighborhood intersect. Our brand and aesthetic have always been a blending of rustic and modern elements – these ideas are the cornerstone of our café experience.

Caffe Umbria Ballard Coffee Upon Entry

Chic and rustic in one space, the intricate chandeliers coexist in a beautiful way with the exposed brick walls, simple stencil drawings and organized display shelves.

Caffe Umbria Ballard Cafe Space

Space to stand at bar-height tables to swiftly yet steadily enjoy a shot (or two) of espresso with an Italian flair, space enough to sit, back to entry and study with a friend,

Caffe Umbria Ballard Barquette

cozy seating for those wishing to spend a little more, leisurely time sipping their beverages or delighting in a snack,

Caffe Umbria Ballard Cozy Window Seating 2

and seating at wooden booths along the wall providing a tablespace for work, mingling, deliciousness.

A tastefully adorned establishment with the minimalism of a pretentious space without the snobbery, and the ease and peace of a neighborhood café worth returning to time and again.

What I ordered: For me, a 12-ounce single ristretto mocha ($3.75), the same (with both shots) for one of my dining companions, and a simple 8-ounce brewed coffee ($2) for my mom, a croissant to share with my little one.

Caffe Umbria Ballard Mochas

For our token adult male, a “surprise me” 16-ounce ($3.75+) flavored latte, gorgeously presented. We decided it most tasted like hazelnut, a great choice by the barista!

Caffe Umbria Ballard Hazelnut Latte

What I loved: The dark chocolate making up the mocha, the beautiful touch of a small square of dark chocolate at the side of each beverage, and the beautifully presented (and tasting) latte.

Why I loved it: Simple pleasures prepared and served with care.

Cost: Average ($2.25 – $4.25 per espresso beverage)

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