Madison Park Bakery

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( – Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle, Washington

Madison Park Bakery

How I heard of this place: We were walking along the quaint streets neighboring the park in Madison Park and were delighted by the smells wafting out of the open door to this neighborhood bakery. After brunch, it was worth a stop for a sweet treat to be enjoyed on the beach.

Type of cuisine: First established in 1929, Madison Park Bakery continues to serve
the community a wide variety of Wedding & specialty cakes,
donuts, pies, pastries, cookies & more! 

Madison Park Bakery Display Wedding Cakes

We’re an old-fashioned bakery owned and operated 
by Karen & Terry Hofman who since 1993, 
have taken a great deal of pride in “baking from scratch”.

Madison Park Bakery First Pastry Case

Ambiance: A true focus on baked goods, there is little seating, few decorations to distract from the colorful array of treats in the display cases, and an air of simplicity all around.


What I ordered: My husband and I couldn’t pass up a few of the items in the case, namely, a traditional Nanaimo Bar ($2.99),

Madison Park Bakery Nanaimo Bars

a Chocolate Eclaire ($3.99), generously stuffed with custard,

Madison Park Bakery Eclaire on the Beach

and a Maple Bar ($2.15) – which we couldn’t refuse after a small, sweet sample.

Madison Park Bakery Maple Bar on the Beach

What I loved: Each one. Not one could be compared to the other, but every bite sweetly satisfying and gloriously, deliciously fresh!

Why I loved it: Baked from scratch, daily: Check! Local and sustained through the decades: Check. Friendly, warm staff: Check. Deliciousness in every bite: Double Check!

Madison Park Bakery Cute Signage

Cost: Average ($2 – $4 per pastry of varying sizes)

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