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( – Greenwood neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

Preserve & Gather 2

How I heard of this place: I walked by, saw a cool, corner store-front, window-laden establishment with everything about it yelling “hipster“! I mentioned, to my husband, my desire to check it out nearly weekly, even before it officially opened, then perused Yelp for the reviews and recommendations, and today, we finally made it happen.

Preserve & Gather OPEN

Type of cuisine: “Along with a full espresso bar Preserve and Gather features a rotating menu of small bites. Below is an example of our offerings. Full menu available all day. A selection of sweet and savory pastries are baked in house every morning.” Other offers include housemate yogurt with toppings, toasts and small salads, as well as meat & cheese & pickle plates.

Preserve & Gather Menus

Ambiance: A wide, open space with contradictory, simple and easily working-together, industrial lighting fixtures and glimmering walls,

Preserve & Gather Interior

Preserve & Gather has certainly taken the house-made pastry shop to a new, hipster level.

Preserve & Gather Cool Seating

Devoting much time and energy to the one accent wall has sure made an imprint on the space, and in the minds of those who enter.

Preserve & Gather Bar Seating & Wall

Not to mention the vibrant, living room setting at the corner, with wooden, yellow benches, and coffee tables at which to sip your beverage over conversation.

Preserve & Gather Yellow Benches 2

Enter the space, place your order along the extra-long, completely clutter-free counter, and await your beverage at the end.

Preserve & Gather Counter

Help yourself to condiments and cutlery, as needed, then take your seat at any variety of seating options available throughout, including at the window-facing barquette.

Preserve & Gather Condiment Bar

What I ordered: The first to arrive, just minutes after opening, and knowing the rave reviews from Yelp centered around the Ham + Jam Biscuit ($4.25) with apple butter and sharp cheddar, we immediately selected two of them to start.

Preserve & Gather Ham & Jam

Additionally, to start our mornings off sweet and right, my husband and I each ordered a latte; his, a 16-ounce ($4) with house-made caramel ($0.50), and mine, a 12-ounce ($3.50) with house-made vanilla bean ($0.50), on the sweet side.

Preserve & Gather Vanilla Bean & Caramel Lattes

On a return visit, Thursday, 18 August 2016: I brought a friend of mine here to enjoy a little beverage and chat before she started up the school year as a middle school teacher to share my new, favorite establishment.

We each ordered the Pickled Egg Salad on Seeded Toast ($4.50 each),

Preserve & Gather Pickled Egg Toast

with a Rhubarb Dry Soda for me, and a 16-ounce iced tea ($3) for her.

Preserve & Gather Pickled Egg Salad Toast & Rhubarb Dry Soda

After our little post-lunch snack, we indulged in a Milk Chocolate Walnut Cookie ($1.75) and a gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookie ($1.75)

Preserve & Gather Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie & Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookie

On a return visit, Wednesday, 24 August 2016: My sister was in town and I always take her to my favorite places, this one new since her last visit. She loved it and made us return the next day for more! Day one, a repeat of the 12-ounce Vanilla Latte ($4) for me, a 12-ounce Americano ($2.75) for her, plus a Ham + Jam Biscuit and a Peanut Butter Cookie!

On day two, the following morning, we enjoyed a 12-ounce Caramel Latte ($4) – all three flavors are creamy and dreamy, made in house – and a 12-ounce Americano ($2.75), one Sundried Tomato & Feta Scone ($2.75 or $3.25, I forget, now) and an Almond Nectarine Pastry (same forgotten price).

Preserve & Gather Sundried Tomato Feta Scone and Almond Nectarine Pastry with Americano & Caramel Latte

On a return visit, Sunday, 27 November 2016: A holiday weekend calls for introductions to our favorite neighborhood cafe. Here we are, again, for a lovely breakfast and beverages! Two Peppermint Mochas with house-made marshmallows, and one Americano, accompanied by two stuffed buns, one with ham and cheddar, and a second with caramelized onion and gruyere.

And for the youngest and biggest yogurt fan, a large bowl of housemade yogurt with a vanilla apricot compote and a drizzle of honey.

On a return visit, Thursday, 29 December 2016: I was so excited and pleased to find the new, industrial magazine and newspaper racks!

On a long-anticipated return visit, 21 May 2017: My sister was back for a visit, so we were back for a visit. Finally. On this day, we started with and thoroughly enjoyed our espressos: an Americano for her, a mocha for me.

For my little one, the larger housemade yogurt with apricot compote and honey drizzle.

And to share, an all-time favorite: Ricotta Toast on housemade toast, ricotta and a drizzle of honey,

the Ham & Jam biscuit,

and a new, vegetarian version of the Ham & Jam with feta, sundried tomato, and pesto!

What I loved: Ham + Jam is a great combo, though it could have used more cheese (it wasn’t noticeable). Peanut. Butter. Cookie. (It tastes like a spoonful of peanut butter. Oh yeah.)

Preserve & Gather Ham & Jam

The vanilla bean in the coffee: oh my! Returning for this, for sure!

Why I loved it: A clean space, cool design, warm decor in a minimalist nature, and nearly everything house-made. You can’t beat a neighborhood spot with so much house-made goodness.

Cost: Average ($3 – $6 per espresso beverage or fresh, house-made pastry)

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