NUDO Ramen House

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( – Downtown Spokane, Washington


How I heard of this place: Yelp. The reviews came in, the pictures of the ramen burger caught my eye, our original plan fell through, so we were in.

NUDO Communal Table Looking Towards Street

Type of cuisine: After years of traveling, NUDO’s owner Josh and Jingou  Hissong had decided that what they always missed when coming home was the food. Whether it was a hole in the wall ramen shop in Paris or a warehouse sized noodle house in Beijing, they always missed the ramen. Being the owners of an Architecture firm (HDG Architecture) and another local restaurant (Ginger Asian Bistro) the couple knew that they could bring some of that flavor back to Spokane; both in the design and the menu…

NUDO Communal Table

The food is thoughtful, simple, and will surely please every palette. The full bar and ever growing sake menu completes the experience. Join us when you have some time to relax and really take it all in. Reservations are not required, but will help during peak hours. We also accommodate to-go food for the large hotels in the neighborhood.

NUDO Comic Wall Art

Ambiance: The interior is a mix of Japan cool, clean lines and an open street-side feel.

NUDO Mini Bar Window

What I ordered: To start, the highly recommended Pan-Fried String Beans with Sha Cha Sauce ($7), and the BBQ Pork with homemade hoisin sauce and scallions ($9) – the second of which never arrived.

NUDO Green Beans

For my husband, the main entrée of a Ramen Burger with Cheese ($12): fresh kobe beef patty, arugula and tonkatsu sauce served in homemade ramen bun could not be passed up!

NUDO Ramen Kobe Burger x2

For me, the second rave recommendation of the Chicken Chow Mein ($12): thick chow mein noodles sautéed with shredded carrot, cabbage, soy sauce, bean sprouts, green onion and broccoli.

NUDO Chicken Chow Mein

And for our little guy, Vegetable (Vegan) Ramen ($9): fresh ramen noodles served with tomato, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, onion, corn, bean sprouts, bamboo and sesame oil in a soy based soup.

NUDO Small Vegetable Ramen

What I loved: String beans were, by far, the favorite at the table for all three of us! My husband, even days later was so excited about the burger, while I thought the beef was overcooked (well-done) and the tonkatsu sauce too sour, verging on the side of bitter. The chicken chow mein had excellent flavor, though sadly gave us nothing more exciting than a big chain restaurant’s take-away service. The ramen, we could easily have done without, and even contemplated returning it for lackluster seasonings and an oddly pungent, almost old tasting broth; at least the top vegetables were crispy and fresh.

Why I loved it: Our server was very friendly and engaging with our little one, accommodating (allergy alert) and helpful. The space was fun and clean, with a level of subdued excitement we all enjoyed on this casual Tuesday evening. The food was well presented, and the ramen burger a novel, unique, curious treat that could easily draw crowds.

NUDO Ramen Kobe Burger

Cost: Low to average ($8 – $14 per dinner entrée)

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