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(!now-open-hillsboro/ooc6g) – Hillsboro, Oregon

La Provence Hillsboro Second Entry

How I heard of this place: Yelp. Looking for a Saturday brunch spot near Beaverton to celebrate three dad’s and their families, I came across La Provence. The pictures said it all!

La Provence Hillsboro

Type of cuisine: A bakery with full-service breakfast, lunch and dinner with French flavors.
La Provence Hillsboro Please Wait
Ambiance: Grand,
La Provence Hillsboro First Dining Area
yet casual.
La Provence Hillsboro Bar 1
La Provence Hillsboro Silverware
yet classic.
La Provence Hillsboro More Dining

Tall ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows,

La Provence Hillsboro More Dining
and a bar for those dining solo!
La Provence Hillsboro Bar 2
What I ordered: We had three families join in the early Father’s Day fun at La Provence, where one dad, my husband, enjoyed the Chef Omelette ($11.50): a hearty three-egg omelette filled with house sausage, bacon, tomatoes, onions, and cheddar cheese, topped with avocado.
La Provence Hillsboro Chef Omelette
A delightful surprise, one flakey croissant with a square of Brie was offered as his bread of choice on the side!
La Provence Hillsboro Croissant & Brie
The second, newest dad, selected the Corned Beef Hash ($12): corned beef brisket, slow kettle cooked until tender, then shredded and grilled with bell peppers, red onions and fresh cut hash browns, topped with two eggs and finished with a horseradish-shallot cream sauce.
La Provence Hillsboro Corned Beef Hash
The third dad, a father of three enjoyed the Traditional Ham Benedict ($10): two farm-fresh eggs poached and placed on a freshly baked croissant then topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms and sautéed bacon, served with Provençal potatoes and butternut squash.
La Provence Hillsboro Classic Benedict
For the mothers, we had one order of the Wild Northwest Salmon Hash ($13): wild northwest smoked salmon and sautéed leeks tossed with fresh cut hash browns grilled golden, topped with two eggs any style, then drizzled with fresh lemon-dill sauce,
La Provence Hillsboro Wild NW Salmon Hash
one order for the Risotto Cakes & Eggs ($10): slow simmered risotto rice with sautéed bacon, asparagus, mushrooms, red onions, and fresh basil, gently formed into patties, lightly breaded and grilled to perfection, topped with two poached eggs and served with Provençal potatoes and butternut squash.
For me, the Baked Eggs a la Française ($10): poached eggs nestled in a French baking crock with grilled hash browns, sautéed mushrooms and ham, topped with gruyere béchamel and Swiss cheese gratiné, served with toasted baguette slices.
La Provence Hillsboro Baked Eggs 1
For the older children in our group, one chose Crepes ($10): two vanilla scented crèpes topped with warm caramel sauce,
La Provence Hillsboro Crepes
and a selection of pancaked, eggs and bacon for the other two to share. 
La Provence Hillsboro Pancakes & Eggs
What I loved: The freshly baked croissant with Brie!
Why I loved it: A great price for good food shared with friends in a space that easily accommodated our large party of eleven guests, including five children!
La Provence Hillsboro Baked Eggs 2
Cost: Low to average ($10 – $12.50 per breakfast entrée)
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