Little Jumbo

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( – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Little Jumbo

How I heard of this place: A weekend getaway with good friends, foodie friends, led to much deliciousness. One of our friends’ top choices for a place to check out was Little Jumbo. Here we are!

Little Jumbo Chalkboard

Type of cuisine: Our Little Jumbo emphasizes the fine craft of preparing fresh local food with a focus on continental and contemporary and pairing it with fine wines and the best of classic and modern mixology.

Little Jumbo Dark Welcome

Ambiance: Dark and sombre interior, yet full of vibrance with limited, yet intriguing decor.

Little Jumbo Interior

Initially greeted by the bar,

Little Jumbo Bar

the selection of bottles glimmering in the dim lighting,

Little Jumbo Bar Selection

the length of the establishment makes it seem as though the space goes on for several, intimate miles.

Little Jumbo Long Interior

What I ordered: For our little one, we requested a helping (or two) of their house-made sheep yogurt (CAD$3), beautifully smooth, little tang and very easy to swallow.

Little Jumbo Housemade Sheep Yogurt

Accompanied by a side of grilled asparagus (CAD$6), our son was set!


To start, for the rest of us, Wonton Crusted Tempura Prawns (CAD$12) served with togarashi mayonnaise,


Foie Gras Poutine (CAD$16): truffle frites, cheese curds & duck sauce,

Little Jumbo Poutine

and Albacore Tuna Tataki (CAD$14): preserved lemon ash mayonnaise & tsukemono.


Continuing the tapas, shared style plates, one of our dining companions selected the Lamb Meatballs (CAD$18) for my main entrée, served with Parisienne gnocchi, tomato emulsion & Padano.


My husband chose the Little Jumbo Burger (CAD$18): double smoked bacon jam, aged farmhouse cheese, brioche bun & truffle frites.


And a daily special steak with mushroom ragout and truffle fries for one of our dining companions.


Our trio of desserts, to share, looked amazing in presentation!


The Peanut Butter & Chocolate Sundae (CAD$8) with vanilla gelato, dark chocolate sauce, and peanut butter powder,


the Dark Chocolate S`more Brûlée (CAD$9): a chocolate pot de crème, fresh marshmallow & graham crumbs,


and the Strawberry Shortcake (CAD$10), basil Campari macerated strawberries, honey‐vanilla goat yogurt & brown butter oat crunch.


What I loved: Surprisingly, the foie gras poutine! The wonton shrimp a close second (though a bit less wonton would have been preferable). The meatballs were a hit across the table, and the easy dessert choice was for the S’mores! (The peanut butter sundae may have come close, had it had any hint of peanut butter; it was easily just vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce.)

Why I loved it: First and foremost, the warm, welcoming and accommodating staff, including the chef, himself, who brought out a small sample of the sheep yogurt prior to dishing up the first of two bowls for our Little.

Cost: Low to average (CAD$12 – $20 per dinner entrée)

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