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(No website found at the time of publishing) – Aurora Avenue North, North Seattle, Washington

Tropicos Breeze Back Door

How I heard of this place: A few of my mom friends decided that we should leave our children at home with their dad’s, and enjoy a distraction-free meal together. This place was the recommendation of our good friend, a voracious meats-eater.

Type of cuisine: Tropicos Breeze is a south-of-the-border comfort-food operation that seems determined to satisfy your every craving.Have a hankering for Salvadorean pupusas or Mexican molcajete? They’ve got you covered. How about Honduran baleada or Colombian bandeja paisa? Coming right up. There are soups, salads, tortas and tacos. And that’s just the first two pages of the menu.

Tropicos Breeze Back Entry

The North Seattle eatery has been serving generous portions of traditional dishes to a mostly Latino clientele for eight years. Its menu is so packed with choices that it’s hard to know where to start. Talk to your friendly server for suggestions.

Ambiance: Very casual, family friendly, colorful and vibrant. Latino families abound in this eatery, everyone immune, it seems, to the sounds of children talking, laughing, screaming for more, or just being kids.
Tropicos Breeze More Dining Around Corner
It’s a perfect place to indulge in a large portion of food while knowing that your children will be fully welcome, with much color to distract and awe each one. A space of wonderment, dreaming of tropical climes and indulging in a delicious meal.
Tropicos Breeze Restaurant Left
Casual family dining in a colorful retro space. Outdoor seating is available when the weather’s nice.
What I ordered: At the high recommendation of our dining companion, three of us at the table selected the Molcajete, a traditional Mexican dish with nopal (cactus), chorizo (sausage), fresh cheese, avocado, green onion and special homemade tomato sauce, served in volcanic stone (molcajete) with a side of rice, beans and corn or flour tortillas. I selected the Carne Asada Molcajete ($18.99)
Tropicos Breeze Molcajete & Sides
the other two chose Pollo ($16.99).
Tropicos Breeze Molcajete with Chicken
The fourth among us chose the Carne Asada Especial ($16.99), a traditional carne aside with chorizo (sausage), fresh cheese, green onions, avocado, served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, lettuce salad and corn or flour tortillas.
Tropicos Breeze Carne Asada Especial
Knowing we had to sample the Pupusas, I ordered one Cheese & Jalapeño ($2.95 each) a typical dish from El Salvador of tortilla’s made corn or rice with various fillings. One of our dining companions chose two: Queso con Frijol and Queso con Chicharron.
Tropicos Breeze Cheese & Jalapeño Pupusa
Beverages included an Orchata de Morro ($3.25) for me: Morro’s horchata with evaporated milk and vanilla, and an Iced Tea ($3.25) for one of my dining companions.
Tropicos Breeze Orchata
On a return visit, Saturday, 25 June 2016: After a couple of months of looking for an excuse to come back, we finally found one! We started with one bean and cheese pupusa.
Tropicos Breeze Bean & Cheese Pupusa
Our little outing included two Molcajete’s, one with Carne Asada and the second with Chicken,
Tropicos Breeze Carne Asada Molcajete
both of which came with a side of rice and beans,
Tropicos Breeze Beans & Rice Side
and either corn or flour tortillas.
Tropicos Breeze Tortillas
We had one order of the Carne Asada Especial,
Tropicos Breeze Carne Asada Especiale
one Shrimp Quesadilla,
Tropicos Breeze Shrimp Quesadilla
a side of vegetables,
Tropicos Breeze Vegetables on the Side
and a side of guacamole!
Tropicos Breeze Guacamole
To complete the meal, we shared an order of Flan,
Tropicos Breeze Flan
and the Fried Plantains.
Tropicos Breeze Fried Plantains with Sweet Butter Sauce
On a return visit Thursday, 29 December 2016: We returned, once again to introduce more friends to our favorite Latin American restaurant in town. In addition to two orders of Carne Asada Especial, our party selected Pollo Guisado ($14.99): chicken pieces in special house sauce, with potatoes, squash and carrots, served with lettuce salad on the side,
and Tacos ($10.25): four traditional Mexicanos soft tacos, corn tortillas and meat of your choice (beef), served with jalapeño, cilantro, onions, radish and green sauce.
On a return visit 28 May 2017: We are eager to get back to Tropicos Breeze at any chance we get, and friends coming from out of town is always a good reason to celebrate at this establishment! Today, we ordered the Chips & Salsa to start, complete with hard-boiled egg-topped guacamole,
a jalapeno pupusa,
Steak Tacos with grilled jalapeno, radishes and lime wedges,
and the ever-famous, most indulgently fabulous dish ever, the Molcajete (with chicken)!
What I loved:Loved the Queso con Frijol Pupusa! More pupusa next time, for sure! The chicken in the Molcajete perfectly seasoned and cooked with a delicious char. The carne asada well-seasoned and flattened to perfection. Fresh cheese is a new must with every dish. And the grilled flavor of the whole jalapeño, the green onions and the layer of cactus a true treat in our dish.
Tropicos Breeze Molcajete Carne Asada
Why I loved it: What is not to love about an abundant serving of glorious food, cooked to order (it takes time), great friends, and an environment where everyone is welcome and comfortable? No one is rushed, no child is hushed, and the servers are friendly, accommodating and sweeter than any. Go. Now.
Cost: Average to high ($16 – $20 per specialty entrée)
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