Daily Dozen Doughnut Company

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(dailydozendonuts.com) – Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company Line

How I heard of this place: The line working it’s way down the tiled walkway, wrapping around the dried fruit stand and making it’s way to the Pike Place Pig is hard to miss. I wonder how many people have followed that line just to see the pot of gold…I mean, doughnuts at the end?

Type of cuisine: Doughnuts. Mini ones. Limited (not like you’ll notice) flavor options.

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company Menu

Ambiance: A small booth with handwritten sign within the Market. Little donuts making their way through the assembly line of deep fry oil and drying rack, making their way to the tower of powdered sugar or in brown, paper bags and doused with cinnamon-sugar.
What I ordered: An assorted dozen, including plain cake, powdered sugar, and cinnamon sugar.
Daily Dozen Doughnut Company Assorted Dozen in a Bag
What I loved: The cinnamon sugar seemed to be the crowd pleaser among our party of four (adults). But the plain cake is easily the best in town.
Why I loved it: No frills. A long line that works its way speedily through the customers. A hole-in-the-wall that doesn’t pride itself on customer service, but serves customers with some of the best donuts around.
Daily Dozen Doughnut Company Window & Donut Maker
Cost: Low to average ($6 for simple assorted dozen)
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