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(gorditosmexicanfood.com) – Greenwood neighborhood, Seattle, Washington


How I heard of this place: About a decade ago, a good friend introduced me to Gorditos, not only for the food, but for the novelty of infant-sized burritos! Only once among my numerous ventures to Gorditos yielded an order for the “Baby Burrito”, split four ways, and still with leftovers for lunch the following day.

Gorditos Window

Type of cuisine: Gorditos began way back in Dec of 1994. We decided to open Gorditos because we had a different style of Mexican food to offer Seattle. We serve Mexican food with a healthy flair. Although its healthful food, its still true Mexican food. It’s truly a guilt”less” pleasure.

The serving sizes are big, but that’s so you can take some home for later. We now have a chiquito menu with smaller portions, but its so good you’ll want leftovers…so you’ll find yourself ordering off the regular menu.Gorditos Kitchen

What makes our food healthful you ask?…We are completely transfat free, our beans are made without lard or oil, our rice without chicken stock, all of our meats are grilled, and our salsas are all made from fresh tomatoes and chiles.

We have many vegetarian and vegan options, even our chips are completely animal-free.

Our specialty would be our “Wet Burrito” or “Wet Burrito Grande” and you can have this with chicken, steak, pork, tofu, fish, prawns, spinach, or meatless. Another options for these burritos would be fajita style veggies, sautéed bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes in one of our homemade salsas and rolled into the burrito…Mmmmm, it makes me hungry thinking about it.

Gorditos Pinatas

Gorditos’ Burrito Grande, aka the famous Baby Burrito. This heafty baby-sized burrito is literally the size of a new born. One of our customers was inspired to take a side-by-side comparison photo of his new born baby next to the burrito. Thus was born our baby burrito wall where customers have left us photos of their babies and burritos.”

Ambiance: Bright blue and yellow exterior, from painted walls to awning, the fluorescent lighting inside shines through the windows on this dark evening. Inside, an immediate line-up forms alongside the plastic sneeze-guard, beyond which is the extensive, open kitchen.

Gorditos Inside

Brick walls, sparsely decorated with colorful, abstract art, leads the way to the red tiled floors in the dining area.

Gorditos Kitchen

White walls, rounded windows, sky-blue ceiling and ready patrons awaiting their orders with mini piñatas bearing order names.

Gorditos Dining

What I ordered: Four of us at Gorditos, sharing an evening meal, I selected the Fajita Burrito ($7.35): Gorditos Wet Fajita Burrito

a large flour tortilla filled with chicken, black beans, Mexican rice, sour cream, green bell peppers, onions and tomatoes in a homemade red salsa. Wet ($1.40 additional).

Gorditos Wet Fajita Burrito Innards

My husband chose the Potato Burrito ($6.80): a large flour tortilla filled with a delicious blend of pan fried potatoes, black beans, rice, cheese and chipotle infused sour cream, served wet ($1.40 more).

Gorditos Wet Potato Burrito

One of our dining companions selected the Breakfast Potato Burrito ($6.80): a flour tortilla filled with potatoes, green peppers, onions, black beans, rice, cheese and chipotle infused sour cream,

Gorditos Breakfast Potato Burrito

while the fourth in our party enjoyed a Taco Combo Plate ($11.25): two soft-shell beef tacos served with black beans and rice.

Gorditos Taco Combo Plate

Our complimentary sides of salsas and pickled vegetables,

Gorditos Sides

chips and medium salsa kept us happy until our meals were delivered.

Gorditos Chips & Salsa

On a return visit, Saturday, 15 January 2016: I went for my new favorite, the Creamy Chipotle Chicken Burrito ($8.20),

Gorditos Creamy Chipotle Chicken

a large flour tortilla filled with a delightful mix of chicken, mushrooms, zucchini, and onions sautéed in a creamy chipotle sauce, black beans, Mexican rice, and lettuce.

Gorditos Creamy Chipotle Chicken Innards

My husband chose, as usual, the Carne Asada plate ($11.95), Carne (beef) asada or pollo (chicken) asado (grilled), black beans, Mexican rice, sliced onion, tomato, and avocado. Tortillas on the side.

Gorditos Carne Asada

Chips & Salsa to start,

Gorditos Chips & Salsa

and we were set for our Feast!

Gorditos Selection

What I loved: The wet potato burrito. While everything I’ve sampled on the menu is worth a return trip, the new potato burrito stole tonight’s show. Soft on the inside, crisped outer pan-fried potatoes, a flavorful abundance of filling, and chipotle-infused sour cream makes every bite a mouth-watering one.

Gorditos Sides Bar

Why I loved it: Simple food, served quickly, yet with care and diligence. Yum.

Gorditos Dining

Cost: Low ($6.55 – $9.45 per burrito)

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