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(portlandwalkingtours.com) – Portland, Oregon

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How I heard of this place: Presented by PWT (Portland Walking Tours), my husband surprised me with a birthday Food Cart Tour of Portland. And what a treat it was!

Type of cuisine: You name it, it’s here! Everything from Thai and Korean Fusion to Mayan tacos and Scottish fish ‘n chips, German Bratwurst, Chinese dumplings and Georgian (the country) cuisine. If you have a hankering, surely you will find something to satisfy at one of Portland’s hundred-plus food carts throughout town.

PWT Food Carts

Ambiance: Outdoor food carts outlining parking lots and lining city blocks, so be prepared for all weather conditions, limited seating (sidewalk or curbside) and a huge selection of cuisines from which to choose.

PWT Food Cart Power

What I ordered: On this tour, our guide headed out early to determine which carts were open and able to serve this party of seven hungry travelers (from Seattle, Hawaii, New York, and New Jersey). Our tour began at The Dump Truck,

PWT The Dump Truck

where we sampled Mr. Ma’s Special ($6.50): tender seasoned pork with green onion and ginger, served with soy/vinegar and sweet chili,

PWT The Dump Truck Mr. Ma's

as well as the Bacon Cheeseburger ($7): wrapped in a dumpling, topped with secret sauce.

PWT The Dump Truck Bacon Cheeseburger

Next we made our way around the block to El Taco Yucateco.

PWT El Taco Yucateco

Here, we sampled the Panuchos ($2.25): black beans, lettuce, shredded cabbage, chicken breast, pico red onion, tomato, and avocado in a homemade, black bean-infused corn tortilla.

PWT El Taco Yucateco Panuchos

Our third stop was at Altengartz, where we sampled the family-owned/made signature German Brand Bratwurst with no nitrates, no nitrites, no chemical preservatives, no MSG and no gluten! Ingredients limited to pork, salt, spices, sugar, vitamin E and citric acid.

PWT Altengartz

The next stop was at Aybla Grill,

PWT Aybla Grill

where we were each given one falafel ball, topped with housemade tahini sauce.

PWT Aybla Grill Falafel

Kargi Gogo, street food from the country of Georgia was our next cart, started by a young couple who had spent two years in Georgia as part of the Peace Corps.

PWT Kargi Gogo

Here, we were offered Khinkali: steamed dumplings stuffed with beef and pork.

PWT Kargi Gogo Dumpling

One of our favorites came next at Korean Twist.

PWT Korean Twist

It is here that all seven of us were blown away with the combination of flavors and textures in the Korean Taco stuffed with Korean Style Meat, vegetables and a house spicy sauce, topped with fresh cilantro. The family-owned, father-son operation had us at the son’s station, where he meticulously prepared and served each amazingly delicious taco.

PWT Korean Twist Taco

The second to last stop was at El Pilon,

PWT El Pilon

where we were served Columbian food by a Columbian transplant to the city.

PWT El Pilon Owner

She served each of us a Chicken Arepa ($5): shredded chicken, cheese and mixed greens with sauce (sweet, with chili, but without the kick).

PWT El Pilon Arepa

Our final stop, the Cultured Caveman, 100% Paleo,

PWT Cultured Caveman

where we sampled the Bacon Almond Dates (1 for $1 or 3 for $3): a Marcona stuffed-bacon wrapped date, fried and served hot.

PWT Cultured Caveman Bacon Almond Date

What I loved: A toss-up between the Taco at Korean Twist and the Shredded Chicken Taco at El Taco Yucateco, each delivering robust flavor, hearty and satisfying food and such friendly, family service.

Why I loved it: Sampling the fare of Portland’s most talked-about culinary culture? What’s not to love?

PWT Food Cart Energy

Cost: High ($49 per person for the 90-minute, 1-mile walking food tour)

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