Bottega Italiana Gelato-Caffe

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( – Downtown Seattle, Washington

Bottega Italiana

How I heard of this place: It’s gelato. I’m always on the lookout for a good, Italian gelato, and I found it here nearly a decade ago!

Type of cuisine: Bottega Italiana was started with a simple goal: to produce the highest quality gelato. We use the finest quality fresh ingredients to offer you artisan gelato at its best.”

Bottega Italiana Menu

This is authentic artisan gelato at its best! Each flavor has its’ own unique recipe and is made in small quantities to ensure freshness. Our pistachios and hazelnuts come from Italy, and our produce is fresh and local.

We do not cut corners, or simplify recipes: dozens of kiwis are peeled for a batch of kiwi gelato, and hundreds of lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits are juiced by hand in our kitchen. All of this to achieve a gratifyingly superior product. Our gelato is definitely a labor of love.

Bottega Italiana Opera

Bottega Italiana is not only committed to a high quality product but also the health and concerns of our customers. To honor this commitment to you, we make a point to avoid corn syrups, artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives. Our fruit flavors are made only during their season, and the color in our gelato comes from the natural ingredients. No bright green pistachio or fluorescent yellow banana in our stores. When it comes to flavor and color, our gelato is strictly ‘come as you are.'”

Bottega Italiana Behind the Scenes

Ambiance: A simple, windowed storefront welcomes patrons into a yellow-lit living room, but one in which you can choose among a dozen flavors of freshly prepared gelato!

Bottega Italiana Living Room

What I ordered: In the past, I continuously returned to Bottega Italiana for their dark chocolate orange, my all-time favorite flavor! In the past five years or so, since I have been back, it seems that flavor has since been replaced…with many more decadent, rich concoctions. I had the pleasure of sampling nearly every remaining flavor, from mint, Nutella, and pear, to pineapple-basil, and strawberry-basil, but went with my favorite sample of the evening: Opera ($2.99 for a small serving), a gelato combining pine nuts, hazelnuts, pistachio and almonds.

Bottega Italiana Window Seating Left

What I loved: The richest contenders include the Opera and the pineapple-basil on this particular evening. However, should the dark chocolate orange return, that will always hold a special place in my heart.

Why I loved it: Delicious, homemade gelato with fine, sometimes local ingredients and the true enjoyment of a Venice outing.

Bottega Italiana Window Seating Right

Cost: Average ($2.99 – $4.90 per cup)

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