Hot Cakes

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( – Ballard, Seattle, Washington

Hot Cakes

How I heard of this place: Hot Cakes has been around as long as I remember having heard of Theo Chocolates in Fremont. Mini jars of Molten Cake ready to take home and bake were available in the small freezer just inside the doors of Theo. Returning to Seattle, and ever on the lookout for fun, new places to venture, a good friend of mine suggested Hot Cakes. Nearly six months later, we came up with a time to see and sample Hot Cakes in Old Ballard.

Hot Cakes Bar

Type of cuisine: Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery crafts organic, classic American comfort desserts and other original and innovative confections. We were founded in 2008 by Autumn Martin with the dessert that gave us our name: Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in a Mason Jar.

Hot Cakes Tea List

The idea for the “take n bake molten chocolate cakes” came from a dessert Autumn created for a charity dinner. The cakes were so well-received, the guests practically fell out of their chairs and the orders started rolling in. Autumn was working as Head Chocolatier of Theo Chocolate at the time, but decided it would be fun to start a little side business. And so Hot Cakes was born. Autumn left her much-loved job at Theo Chocolate in 2009 and headed to Spain for a 4-month stint of organic farming and rock climbing. Upon her return home in 2010, she focused 100% of energy on slowly building up the Hot Cakes brand which is built on supporting local and organic farming through the creation of fine, innovative desserts. 

We hope you visit and enjoy the food we so love to make.

Hot Cakes View from Bar

Ambiance: Warm, calming and open;

Hot Cakes Water Faucet

the space is group friendly, with a large, cafeteria style table in the center of the seating area, as well as more intimate seating in the window nook.

Hot Cakes Tavolata

What I ordered: I had to take a dozen photos while awaiting my friend, and had much time to request tips from other patrons. Knowing that I was about to indulge in the seasonal Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with an Espresso Ganache ($8) and a side of mascarpone whipped cream topped with one chocolate covered espresso bean, served over a drizzle of extra dark caramel sauce,

Hot Cakes Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with Espresso Ganache

I opted for a more subtle and less potent beverage: Emerald Mist Herbal Tea ($3.50). The mint-based herbal blend consisted of a strong infusion of several mints, licorice, ginger, and “other things“! My friend chose a small cappuccino ($3.50) and the largest mound of meringue on which I have ever set my eyes: Almond Rocher ($3).

Hot Cakes Almond Rocher

On a return visit, Tuesday, 13 September 2016: My mom, son, and two of our good friends returned for Seattle’s Sweet Week 2016 to enjoy a sweet treat!

Hot Cakes Ballard Sweet Week Special

We started with one Sweet Week Special ($5): the Chocolate & Stout Sundae with Bluebird chocolate ice cream, house made Pike XXXXX Stout caramel, dark chocolate brownie topped with a barley crumble, and a mug of tea.

Hot Cakes Ballard Chocolate & Stout Sundae

Then we ordered two classic favorites: the Peanut Butter Cup ($10): chocolate cake, peanut butter fudge, peanut butter caramel, vanilla ice cream,

Hot Cakes Ballard Peanut Butter Cup

and the Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie ($8) topped with vanilla ice cream.

Hot Cakes Ballard Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie

What I loved: While I wish it were the molten cake, it was actually the Almond Rocher that I most enjoyed on this visit. Light, flaky, and ever so perfectly sweetened, the meringue is a win! The flavor of the espresso ganache truly was a melt-in-your-mouth experience worth savoring, however the dry consistency of the cake had me returning to the Rocher.

I do have my eyes set on a few other menu items for a return visit: S’Mores, Butterbeer, anyone?

Hot Cakes S'mores

Why I loved it: The ambiance is truly what makes Hot Cakes the place to spend a rainy, blustery afternoon catching up with friends. It is less about the fare and more about the serene, warmth of the classic interior.

Hot Cakes Bar Seating

Cost: Average to high ($4 – $8 per dessert)

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