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(piroshkybakery.com) – Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington

Piroshky Piroshky

How I heard of this place: When I first moved to Seattle, I often found myself taking walks through town and through the Market. At the time, Piroshky Piroshky  offered punch cards – buy 10 get one free – and, of course, I did!


Type of cuisine: Piroshky’s! From traditional Russian indulgences – beef and onion – to hearty comfort food – potato & mushroom – to the Seattle shoreline – smoked salmon – Piroshky’s galore!

Piroshky Piroshky Case

We opened our doors for the very first time in 1992 hoping to bring a taste of Russia to the Pacific Northwest. Blending traditional recipes with local flavor, our selection of Piroshkies offer a wide array of choices, both savory and sweet.

Traditionally served throughout markets and homes in Eastern Europe, often asked is What is a Piroshky? The most simple answer is that they are hand held pies, and their fillings are as diverse and differing as the cultures and people who make and serve them. That is the beauty of Piroshky -everyone makes it a little different, recipes are passed down from generation to generation. From babushka to children.

Piroshky Piroshky Close-Ups

Here in our bakery at the Pike Place Market, starting two decades ago we decided to embrace and integrate the taste of the Northwest into our own traditional recipes. Our Piroshkies are individually made from scratch and hand molded into their very own unique shapes-customers are delighted to find that this makes differentiating between them an easier task.

Though our bakery is small, our selection is anything but. We are always happy to offer suggestions and guide you in your selection. C’mon down, breath in the ovens aroma, and take a look at our freshly baked goods. It is not uncommon for Piroshkies to go straight from the oven and into your hands.

Piroshky Piroshky Kitchen & Bakery

Ambiance: Stand in the long line making its way from inside the hole-in-the-wall establishment and onto the cobbled streets of the Market, as you watch the freshly baked goodness making its way from dough to stuffing to oven. Let the selection dazzle you as you get pushed in farther while those eagerly awaiting in line behind you shove and peek to get a view of their options to come. Nearly as crowded on the kitchen side of the line, young employees take orders, exchange cash and smile at those coming in. On your way out, be sure to turn and see what the local babushkas are preparing next!

Piroshky Piroshky Babushka

What I ordered: My sister wanted to go the traditional route, as did everyone else – they were sold out of the beef & onion. Instead, she ordered the beef and cheddar ($4.90). I knew, walking in that it would be the potato cheddar ($3.80)! And my husband, upon seeing the delicate, buttery sausage filled croissant ($4.25) made his choice.

Piroshky Piroshky Potato-Mushroom

What I loved: Beef and cheddar. Hot and flavorful, it will be my new go-to Piroshky! Thanks, big sis!

Why I loved it: It’s the perfect treat to warm your hands while you wander through the Market on a cold winter day, while savoring hot, steaming comfort food, baked fresh all day.

Piroshky Piroshky Consumption

Cost: Average to high ($4-$5 per piroshky)

Piroshky Piroshky Exit

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