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( – West Side, Portland, Oregon


How I heard of this place: Spending the day walking about and enjoying the beauty of autumn leaves of the crisp of the late fall air, we planned to meet up with our fellow-Seattlites for lunch. What better place than Lardo? Home of all things bovine.

Lardo Pig Out

Type of cuisine: What is Lardo: A type of salume made by curing strips of fatback with rosemary and other herbs and spices.

Lardo Pig Motif

Who We Are: “Starting life as a food cart in SE Portland, rarely has a spot been so aptly named. Rocking an ancient charcuterie moniker that truly serves as a harbinger of things to come, Lardo is a sandwich shop that worships at the alter of  bovine & swine. Using old-world techniques, contemporary flourishes and a gonzo approach, Lardo proudly celebrates its excesses. Pushing a menu that features pork drenched double burgers, a giant meatball Banh Mi, and hand-cut french fries (again) smothered in pork, Lardo also has beer. Lots of beer, actually.

Lardo Growlers

Rotating taps of knee-buckling craft brew greatness, backed-up with a refreshing mix of premium cocktails. Operating on both sides of the river at SE Hawthorne and SW Washington, Lardo serves as a mecca for those seeking a uniquely smash-mouth deli experience.

Ambiance: A beautiful, new, windowed establishment boasting red walls and wooden countertops, stainless shell appliances and minimal, yet completely perfect decor welcomes guests to Lardo.

Lardo Wooden Spoon

Chalkboards maintain the daily menu and beer on tap.

Lardo Chalkboard

Seating is limited, yet limited to bar stools with tables matching the height.

Lardo Indoors

What I ordered: At the risk of depriving my husband of a plethora of pig fat options, I suggested we share. We ended up with his choice: Cold Fried Chicken ($9), a sandwich of bacon, pickles, buttermilk ranch and a pickle slaw,

Lardo Cold Fried Chicken

my choice: the Kale Caesar ($8) made with Simington Garden kale, cucumber, pine nuts, ricotta salata and fried lemon,

Lardo Kale Caesar

and the recommended (rightly so!) Dirty Fries ($7) with pork scraps, marinated peppers, fried herbs and generous amount of Parmesan cheese.

Lardo More Dirty Fries

Our friends also enjoyed the Dirty Fries, and added the Double Burger ($9) with Cascade natural beef, porkstrami, cheddar and Lardo sauce to share. (I wasn’t offered a sample, but was given the opportunity to photograph the burger.)

Lardo Double Burger

What I loved: The Dirty Fries have no competition. Anywhere. Ever. That being said, I would easily indulge in the Kale Caesar time and again!

Lardo Dirty Fries

Why I loved it: Delicious food served in an easy, yet popularly populated space, and extremely thoughtful and friendly staff.

Lardo More Cold Fried Chicken

Cost: Average ($7 – $12 per sandwich)

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