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( – Pike Place Market, Downtown Seattle, Washington

Storyville Coffee Logo

How I heard of this place: While enjoying lunch at Matt’s at the Market for my birthday, I happened upon a familiar logo, having seen it time and again (on a car door, on the back of a t-shirt and on the tall, brick building around the corner), and decided to walk to the end of the third floor hallway to find out what all of the fuss was about. Here, I found Storyville Coffee and was lucky enough to make a reservation for their complementary soft-opening prior to their grand opening on October 1st.

Storyville Coffee

Type of cuisine: Smooth coffee and pastries made from scratch, baked fresh, in house, all day, everyday.

Storyville Coffee Menu

Our beans aren’t roasted in a facility—it’s a gallery. With natural wood, warm colors, a copper roof and a lounge, the Roasting Studio was designed as a creative space where the environment becomes canvas for creating the extraordinary. 

If you are passionate about crafting your story, we are passionate about crafting your cup.

Storyville Coffee Display

Seattle is the heart of coffee and Pike Place Market is the heart of Seattle. Storyville Coffee comes from the heart of the heart and assumes the role and responsibility to usher a world of coffee lovers into a new tomorrow.

We throw around words like FRESH, DIALED, BEAUTIFUL, HOME, and LOVE EVERYBODY but we don’t throw them around lightly. We’re Seattleites who have honed our craft for 7 years…

Storyville Coffee Bar

And, to boot, there is no cause for stress or frustration in determining which is your favorite or most enjoyed roast. Storyville prides itself on making it perfect the first time, and not having to mess with perfection. “Inspiration begins with great coffee. We don’t offer an assortment of roasts, blends, and flavors; just our one and only signature blend, wrapped like a present, sealed and shipped the same day it is roasted.

Storyville Coffee Wall Art

Ambiance: We are on the top floor of the Corner Market building at First & Pike. Stand on the red cobblestone and look toward the iconic red neon “Public Market Center” clock-sign, and our building will be on your right.

Storyville Coffee View

To get to the top floor, take the elevator or staircase.” At the top, look straight ahead and find yourself in the world of Storyville. The cozy, warm interior truly captures the Storyville promise: “Designed with you in mind by four world-renowned, award-winning design firms working in concert with teams in Munich, Seattle, Vancouver and Orlando. This Storyville vision is now a reality.

Storyville Coffee Cafe

Keep it simple and make it great are two phrases that have inspired and propelled us on this quest to prove that you know the difference.

Storyville Coffee Art & Window

What I ordered: The Mocha ($4.75) was calling my name, while the Black Forest Ham & Cheddar Pastry ($5.25) was calling my husbands. We placed our initial orders with the barista until we decided what else each of us wanted.

Storyville Coffee Mocha & Ham Pastry

Sitting on the counter behind him, I noticed a waffle with fresh fruit and was immediately sold. The Waffle Damn Good ($6.50) it was, including fresh fruit ($8.50).

Storyville Coffee Waffles

For my husband, a 48-ounce French Press ($6), along with cream and brown sugar from the condiment bar.

Storyville Coffee French Press

What I loved: While each pastry tasted light and buttery, easily savored and digested, it was truly the mocha that made my day. Today, two days later, I have yet to stop raving about the smooth, creamy, perfectly balanced and artfully prepared mug of mocha, enjoying overlooking the Pike Place Market on a rainy, blustery, Seattle fall day.  I’ll be back. And soon.

Storyville Coffee Mocha

On a return visit, Tuesday, 14 January 2014: I have returned to Storyville, my new favorite coffee shop in the city numerous times over the course of the past four months since it’s opening. Each time, I indulge in a mocha and a new or “I haven’t yet tried that!” pastry. This visit, with a good friend of mine and her mom (who was visiting from out of town), called for more celebration. I enjoyed the mocha, as always, and also selected the Strawberry Goat Cheese Puff ($3.75).

Storyville Goat Cheese Puff

My dining companions shared the Lemon Muffin and the the Chocolate Dipped Macaroon over their mocha and cappuccino.

Storyville Lemon Muffin & Macaroon

On a return visit, Sunday, February 9, 2014Having earned ourselves a free visit by the manager, due to a credit card mishap just a few months prior, we were pleased to know that Tyler M. was working on this particular day! Not only did we enjoy our mocha, hot chocolate and two pastries: Black Forest Ham & Cheddar Pastry ($5.25), and the Cherry Apple Turnover ($4.25), but it was all free! Thank you, Storyville!

Storyville February 2014

On a return visit, Wednesday 28 December 2016: Friends from New Zealand were visiting the west coast for the holidays and staying near the waterfront, so we suggested Storyville for a meet-up spot on their final morning in town. The ambiance, still cozy and dim, welcomed us.

The barista bar seemed to have more lights illuminating its exterior, though still with the same simplicity and eager anticipation of your beverage.

It had been a while since our last Storyville experience, so we were very pleasantly surprised to see that their expanded menu now offered small breakfast options, including the Tillamook Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich ($6.00 each), of which we ordered two.

The sandwiches accompanied our long-awaited mochas!

Why I loved it: Because Storyville is the essence of simple goodness. “This is where art and science merge and talk goes out the window. This is where we’ve focused the core of our brand. Come tell us how we’re doing.

Because Storyville offers an inviting environment where smooth, caramel-quality coffee is served among friends and you truly feel at home.

Storyville Coffee Amber Art

Life is too short for a bad cup of coffee or a bad attitude, and this world has enough of both. So the humans of Storyville want our shop to be an oasis and feel like an endless Storyville sunset. Your favorite peaceful hang. We believe our LOVE EVERYBODY mantra is where simple meets profound!

Cost: Average ($2.50 – $4.75 per espresso-based beverage; $1 – $8.50 for each fresh-baked pastry)

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