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(ethanstowellrestaurants.com/tavolata) – Belltown neighborhood of Downtown Seattle, Washington


How I heard of this place: Soon after opening, two of my friends won first and second place at a charity-night cook-off at Ethan Stowell’s Union (which has since closed). First place won a dinner for him and ten of his friends at the recently opened Tavolata. I was lucky enough to be considered among the ten friends who were able to partake of this victory dinner!

Tavolata Water at the Barquette

Type of cuisine: Tavolàta is all about pasta—from Rigatoni to Casarecce, Conchiglie to Linguini—freshly extruded every day. A restaurant whose name means “to gather around a table” Tavolàta is a great place for large parties & private events.

Ambiance: An intimate space is created when the concrete walls and tall ceilings of Tavolata are lit solely through pendant lamps dangling from the ceiling on high,

Tavolata Interior

mismatched mirrors decorate the wall behind the bar,

Tavolata Bar


Tavolata Bar Decor

and one, large table is set for communal dining.

Tavolata Tavolata

The entryway, unobtrusive, sparsely decorated with culinary creativity,

Tavolata Vinegar Line

keeps those awaiting seating simply engaged and ready to eat!

What I ordered: My birthday dinner with my husband and sister-in-law began with two appetizers: the Burrata ($14) served with heirloom tomato, arugula and cucumber on a wooden board alongside a delicate drizzle of balsamic reduction,

Tavolata Burrata

and the Roasted Beets ($9) served with watercress, pistachios and ricotta.

Tavolata Roasted Beets

For our main entrees, my husband had to see what a $50 steak tastes like, and ordered the 20oz New York Strip, medium, covered with arugula and served with a bowl of black olive tapenade in a olive oil.

Tavolata New York Strip

My sister-in-law selected the Potato Gnocchi ($17) with dungeness crab, fennel and chili.

Tavolata Potato Gnocchi

I elected to sample the Sheeted Agnolotti ($17) with local mushrooms, shallot and snap pea.

Tavolata Agnolotti

What I loved: The Burrata’s warmth, creamy texture paired with peppery arugula, hydrating cucumber and fresh vibrance of heirloom tomatoes served with toasted crostini kept my mouth watering throughout the entire meal. The $50 steak, while perhaps not necessarily worth $50 was excellently prepared, succulent, flavorful and plentiful. The hint of lemon within the pillows of pasta on my plate was purely addictive and perfectly complemented the deep earthiness of the mushrooms, the crisp snap peas a burst of texture with the sharp, aged cheese.

Why I loved it: Excellent food, friendly service and food worth a return visit.

Cost: Average to high ($14 – $50 per dinner entree)

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