Bagel Oasis

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( – Ravenna neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

Bagel Oasis

How I heard of this place: When living in the neighborhood, I often frequented the Crepe Cafe. Bagel Oasis is just next door, but, until now, I hadn’t had the drive to walk through its doors.

Bagel Oasis HOT Bagels

Type of cuisine: Bagels. Bagels. Bagels galore. Baked fresh daily.

Bagel Oasis BAGELS!

Bagel Oasis has been baking Seattle’s best bagels since 1988. We use only the finest natural ingredients and old fashioned baking methods to create a bagel that is unparalleled. Not too heavy. Not too crunchy. With just enough spring to balance the crust’s slight snap. The sort of bagel that, when emerging hot and fragrant from the oven, could startle birds a block away.

Our attention to detail does not end there. We use only Boars Head Brand deli meats and locally purchased produce to create a large assortment of specialty sandwiches and omelets. So if it is a bag of fresh bagels, or a breakfast or lunch treat that won’t break your budget, Bagel Oasis is the place.

Ambiance: Simple. Seating enough for hoards. Cafeteria style:

Bagel Oasis Front Seating Area

of at more intimate booths:

Bagel Oasis Booth Dining

Quiet staff. Colorful, helpful signage.

Bagel Oasis Menu 1

Space for children.

Bagel Oasis Kids Dining

No frills, yet bagels make up for it…times 20.

What I ordered: When I perused the selection in the display, one immediately caught my attention. I asked what it was, and asked them to plate it immediately! The only Pesto Bagel ($1.25) remaining, I needed to ensure it was mine.

Bagel Oasis Pesto Bagel

I ordered it with a schmear of Feta & Garlic & Dill cheese ($2.90),

Bagel Oasis Pesto Bagel Taste

And a short Chai ($2.65) with which to wash it all down.

Bagel Oasis Pesto Bagel & Chai

My friend enjoyed the Blueberry Bagel with cream cheese and a larger Chai ($3.40).

Bagel Oasis Blueberry Bagel

What I loved: All of it. The combination of Pesto with Feta, Garlic, Dill cheese spread could not be beat! The slightly sweet blueberry bagel, perfectly baked with creamy cheese. Wow. I could use one right now.

Why I loved it: Quaint and cozy, unrefined and unpretentious. A seamless and natural space for a quiet snack, breakfast before work, or a lunch on the go.

Cost: Low to average ($1.25 – $5.45 per bagel with spread)

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