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( – North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

How I heard of this place: We were invited to lunch with some of my parents closest friends and they treated us to their favorite Persian restaurant in the area. An hour later, we were seated at Cazba.

Type of cuisine: Healthy & Fresh Food. Grilled Everyday. Fine Persian Cuisine.

Their website boasts: “Cazba Restaurant is dedicated to provide high quality: 

  • Healthy Food
  • Fresh Food
  • Affordable

At Cazba Restaurant, our goal is to provide high quality Persian Cuisine at affordable prices. We only use fresh vegetable,meat and poultry. We are proud to use the  highest quality AAA Alberta Beef for our Kababs. Persian cuisine is healthy, tasteful. and colorful.

Not only is Persian food one of the most delicious cuisines of the world, but also the healthiest.  Sumptuous dishes of melt-in-your-mouth meat, tummy-warming savoury stews, and vegetables infused with delicate herbs and flavours mark Persian food as a dining experience unlike any other.

Chelo Kebab like barg, koobideh, joojeh, and sultani features juicy meat, patiently grilled on skewers to perfection.  Khoresht such as ghormeh sabzi and gheimeh are stews that treat every mouthful to the hearty goodness of the freshest herbs and vegetables in a meat broth.  When served on hot Basmati white rice, the combination makes it an unforgettable meal.

Poultry and fish entrees as well as dishes like soups (ash-e-reshte), quiche (kookoo sabzi), herbed/vegetable rice (loobia pollo, sabzi pollo, zereshk pollo) bring the exotic Persian aromas and visual sensations to your table.  Spices like saffron, cinnamon, and parsley add a delicate zest to give a delightful variety.  For dessert, try the strong tea and rich pastries that cap the evening with loved ones.”


Ambiance: Set in a strip mall, the unassuming exterior patio with the bold colors of the Iranian flag bedecked the windows and awning. Walking past several doors, through the patio seating, we finally found the front entrance where we waited to be seated. We were escorted through a low-ceilinged establishment with pale yellow walls and black trim, made bright only through the overcast natural lights streaming through the windows; the recessed lights overhead doing little to light our paths.

Cazba Inside

We moved from the linen-less wooden table/chair-scapes at the front towards the main dining area – next to the bar – where our white linen tablecloths were topped off with glass and our appetizer settings.

Cazba Seating

Towards the window, dozens were seated, laughing, enjoying their meals and partaking of Middle Eastern hospitality at its best.

Cazba People Sitting

What I ordered: Being unfamiliar with the generous portions, our appetizer selection was immense – both in amount and in flavor! We began with two orders of the Kashkeh Bademjoon ($4.95 each), deep fried eggplant, served with pita bread and one order of Hummus ($4.95) served with sliced cucumber, tomato and a side of iceberg lettuce.

Cazba Appetizers

We continued with the Mastomusir ($2.95), yogurt with shallots,

Cazba Mastomusir

and a Shirazi Salad ($2.95) with cucumber, tomato, onion and mint.

Cazba Shirazi

Our hosts each enjoyed the Chelo Kabob Soltani ($10.95) with one skewer of Barg (steak) and one skewer of Koobideh (ground beef), served with Basmati rice and a grilled tomato.

Cazba Soltani

I ordered my usual: Joojeh Kebab Vaziri ($10.95) for one skewer of Joojeh and one skewer of Koobideh kabobs, also served with Served with Basmati rice and a grilled tomato.

Cazba Jujeh Soltani

My husband stuck to his favorite: Chelo Kebab Koobideh ($6.95) for two skewers of Ground AAA Alberta Beef, served with Basmati rice (saffron) and grilled tomato.

Cazba Koobideh

What I loved: Each of our appetizers was complete as a meal on its own. From the robust flavor of the fried eggplant topped with a drizzle of whey, to the pungent and satisfying creaminess of the mastomusir, all of which we enjoyed a second time the following day. The kabobs – both the koobideh and the joojeh – had so much juice, were so moist and so light that it was easy to knock back more than you would have anticipated nor expected to eat upon being seated.

Why I loved it: The price is very reasonable and the food abundant and tasty. Among the Persian restaurants I have frequented in my life, this has to be in my top five.

Cost: Low to average (CAD$6.95 – CAD$14.95 per entree)

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