Georgetown Cafe & Bakery

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How I heard of this place: My in-laws came to visit us for a long weekend, and we decided to take a trip to their old stomping grounds. A brisk walk through the bitter cold led us to Georgetown Cafe & Bakery.

Georgetown Cafe & Bakery

Type of cuisine: This quaint, warm spot in the center of historic Leesburg seems to serve a little bit of everything – from fresh, daily, house-cooked bread, to brunch, lunch and dessert options, we were sad to have only arrived for a round of hot chocolates. From a Yelp review: “Baked goods: All good, this is what really makes SSU. They are a bakery and everything is made fresh in-house. The ciabatta is wonderful, as are the fresh, buttery croissants and multigrain bread. The molasses cookies (all the cookies really) are fantastic as are the cupcakes. This place is very unhealthy for carb-avoidance.

Breakfast: Small menu for breakfast consists of scrambled eggs cooked in a mold so they fit in sandwiches with cheese and bacon, sausage or ham on your choice of bread. I’ve tried all the bread types, all make a killer breakfast sandwich. If you want to really kick up your cholesterol go for a slice of the cinnamon toast w/butter. It’s a cinnamon/raisin rolled bread, sliced thick, toasted and slathered in butter. Oh my. They also have bagels and lox.

Lunch: The soups and sandwiches are all good. Potato leek is a staple, other soups/stews rotate seasonally, gazpacho is always an option in summer. Some sandwiches are better than others but I haven’t had a bad one. The daily specials are a good bet and I love the rare roast beef with lemon-basil mayo and the turkey with shallot mayo. The BBBLT (BLT, heavy on the B) is great for bacon lovers. Egg salad is good, but I always have to add some salt. If you’re going low-carb your option is a bowl of romaine lettuce with scoop of tuna/chicken/egg salad, which they still throw slices of that damn-tempting ciabatta onto! It’s actually a pretty satisfying lunch though, if you can resist the bread.

Dinner: They close at 6, so you’d best be early. However, their take-and-heat meals in the cold case at front are great if you want something besides the standard take-out options. Usually one choice per day.

Other stuff: They have ice cream! Also a pretty decent coffee-bar. Take and bake scones in the cold case as well as interesting bottled soda and juice selection. I like that they have organic milk singles for the kiddo. Daily special iced tea is good (usually peach, mango or raspberry), fresh brewed. You can special-order cakes (including wedding cakes), got my daughter’s birthday cupcakes here, they were yummy.”

Inside Georgetown C&B

Ambiance: A little cafe nestled under Tuscarora Mill restaurant off of Harrison St., the “oddly shaped indoor space…is not very friendly to the popularity of the restaurant. It’s not a huge deal in nice weather when most people choose to sit outside on the lovely patio but if you come on a cold/rainy day when the same number of people are suddenly all trying to sit inside… well, you can see it can become less than ideal. A couple of times I have seen people walk in and be very confused about the ordering line being right in front of the door, especially when it’s crowded. Order & pay at the counter, take your number and find a seat, they bring it to you except for soups & coffees that they get for you right then.”

Windowed View

What I ordered: Four tall, glass mugs of just-add-water hot cocoa ($4 each).

Hot Cocoa

What I loved: The ambiance, complete with its dim lighting, wooden furniture and hardwood floors, a street-front, windowed view and the peacefulness of a public library.

Why I loved it: Quick, efficient service, no frills and a staff curious to engage in conversation.

Cost: High ($4 per 8-ounce cup of hot cocoa made with a powder and hot water)

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