Ching Ching Cha

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Ching Ching Cha

( – Georgetown neighborhood, Washington, DC

How I heard of this place: My good friend Stephanie was having a Girls Night: Georgetown Prowl and this was our first stop!

For Sale at Ching Ching Cha

Type of cuisine: A Chinese teahouse in Georgetown, established in 1998, serving a plethora of loose-leaf teas and infusions, as well as small bites to share. The word Cha, in Chinese, means tea and Ching Ching is the founder of this tea house.

The Art of Tea

Ching Ching spends a few months each year visiting different tea regions of China, Taiwan and Japan, searching for the best quality tea and unique tea wares to bring home.

We serve over 70 different kinds of tea in a traditional way and offer personal instruction on the best way to prepare the different kinds of tea with corresponding tea ware.

To accompany the tea, we also provide a well designed menu that includes tasty tea snacks, delicious homemade steam dumplings, a healthy set of tea meals and traditional Chinese deserts.

In addition to tea, we sell a wide range of products from across Asia including an extensive selection of teawares and tea accessories; Asian interest books; fine paper products; handicrafts; and small home furnishings.

Tea for Sale

Ambiance:A lofty tearoom that feels a world away. A tranquil, lovely space made serene with beautiful rosewood tables and chairs, platform seating with fluffy cushions, and walls that disappear into overhead skylights. ching ching CHA is a calming, soothing and authentic setting making this an ideal place to enjoy the classic tea ritual.


What I ordered: Our party of seven started with tea, including: three orders for The Eight Treasure ($8 each), a soothing and mood-enhancing tea prepared with chrysanthemum, honey dates, wolf berry, dried longan, raisins, green tea, red dates and osmanthus;

Floating Lantern

two orders of the Floating Lantern ($7 each) – jasmine buds tied around a bright pink flower (Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena Globosa), classic jasmine bouquet nicely balanced with green tea flavor;

Floating Lantern

three orders of the Ginger+Lime ($8 each) to stimulate circulation, reduce fatigue and “winds” in the blood;


and one for the Roses Bud ($7), a romantic infusion with the enticing essence of roses.

Roses Bud

Our party selected a handful of eats to share, including Kale sauteed in sweet soy with ginger and scallions, Green Squash served in a garlic & pepper sauce, and three orders of the Vegetable Dumplings ($5 each) filled with mushrooms, carrot, cabbage, vermicelli & dried bean curd.

Food at Ching Ching Cha

What I loved: I started with the Ginger+Lime tea and was immediately followed by two others, placing the same order. Around the table the votes were unanimous for the favorite among our evening tea selections. Of the foods, the kale, surprisingly stole the show! It’s vibrant color, soft yet crunchy texture and the lightly sweetened flavor of soy sauce to top it off.


Why I loved it: A calming, serene and peaceful setting in which to partake of an afternoon tea with a group of amazing women.

Tea Tins

Cost: High ($6 – $20 per pot of tea)

Hot Water Kettle

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  1. Mo says:

    Reminds me of the place we had tea in Shanghai with Di and family 🙂

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