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( – Ballston neighborhood, Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: After picking up a friend from Washington Dulles International Airport, a couple of our good friends, and fellow Ballston-ites called to see if we would join them for dinner at this newly opened restaurant – only two weeks old!

Type of cuisine: Rus Uz Catering is a unique blend of Russian and Uzbekistan [cuisine].  Authentic in our food and culture we deliver that world to you in a experience in catering to remember.” What was once a catering Mecca has blossomed into the restaurant establishment within which we can dine today. “The Food Is An Inspired Blend Of Russian And Uzbekistan Tradition.  Prepared By The Heritage Of Both Countries And Old World Mixed With New World, It Will Be A Lasting Impression On Your Mind And Body With A Lot Of Our Soul.”

Ambiance: Still in the midst of decorating, and “struggling to catch up with the demand” as we were told by our server, Ibrokhim, we were pleasantly surprised to find a romantic, ambient setting inside the windowed space. Small, intimate, warm tones in dim lighting welcomed us. Catering containers packed up and ready to be picked up or delivered consumed the majority of bar space, where shelving is still being constructed and bottles have yet to be displayed. A handful of black and white photographs ornament the walls; we take a glance around and our tables are ready.

What I ordered: Being our fist visit to Rus Uz, we let Aleksey place our orders – to ensure we had the best on the menu! We started with a basket of warm bread

Warm Bread

and three lemonades (on the house),

RusUz Lemonade

one Olivier Salad (Russian Potato Salad $6.50) of potato, egg, green peas, carrots and pickles in a mayonnaise-based dressing, topped with fresh dill to share,

Olivier Salad

two orders of Fish Under a Fur Coat ($7.99), a similar potato salad of potatoes, carrots, beets, eggs and mayonnaise mixed with herring fillets,

Fish Under a Fur Coat

and two orders of Samsa ($6 each), a thin dough stuffed with a ground beef and onion filling then baked.


For our main entrees, being the start of the new year, it was suggested that we partake of some new year specials! I selected the Goluptsi ($13), season ground beef and rice filling stuffed inside cabbage leaves. Mitko also enjoyed the same.


Aleksey and Seraj opted for the Manti ($15 each), a staple in Uzbek cuisine. Large steamed dumplings stuffed with lamb, served with labne (strained yogurt), white radish, pimiento-stuffed olives, and a side salad of cucumber, tomato & red onion.


Chris, embarking on a new primarily vegan diet ordered the Plov ($15), the national dish of Uzbekistan. A rice dish served with carrots, spices and your choice of beef or lamb (which he shared with others at our table).


What I loved: My favorite dish of the evening was, without a doubt the Goluptsi. Very tender, moist, flavorful and delicious. The white radish, in a light lemon drizzle satisfied, as did the labne pillows on each place. (So much so, in fact, that I stole one flower of labne off of Seraj’s plate!)

Why I loved it: It’s beautiful to see a small, family-run establishment success immediately, and this, without a doubt, is a restaurant worth frequenting, supporting and watching it bloom!

Cost: Low to average ($13 – $15 per dinner entree)

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