Restaurante La Plancha

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(No website found at time of publishing) – Carretera sur montoya, Managua, Nicaragua

La Plancha

How I heard of this place: We were in search of something tasty and looking for a restaurant to satisfy these three weary travelers.

Type of cuisine: Specializing in meats and Chinese eats.

Chinese Family Style Pollo

Ambiance: A very large, stand-alone establishment, the yellow-orange building with covered drive-up entry on the red and white tiled pavement welcomed us through its front doors. The Christmas lights and wreath around the door was only the beginning of holiday cheer experienced in this restaurant. Expecting a large party, the sunken seating area below us to the left had beautifully decorated a tablescape for a party of 40. Windows slightly raised to reach street level maintained a stream of wreaths, bows, lights and other such decor, as it led our eyes from the left to the center, where a decorated tree, Santa and one of his reindeer stood smiling, ahead of the bar.

La Plancha Tree

We followed our host down the stairs to our right where we were seated at a white-clothed table with red runners. The ivy growing out of one small pot hidden behind the television extended over the windows to its left and right, nearly covering every inch.

Seating Area

What I ordered: Upon noticing the prices at this establishment, we immediately decided to share one dish, and order more only if were unsatiated. We were each offered a bowl of beef broth, complete with bones and a few chunks of squash to start.

Beef Broth

At the recommendation of our server, knowing the three of us would be sharing just one dish, we ordered Pollo Asado, Roast Chicken (C$290).

Roasted Chicken

Unbeknownst to us, we had made the exact right decision. One plate of salad: iceburg lettuce, shredded carrots, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes to share kept Elisa and I happy at the onset of our meal. The first thing to make its way, sizzling, across the restaurant was the roasted chicken breast, with four scoops of mashed potatoes, one at each corner. Blended beans with sour cream and crispy tortillas,

Beans & Tortillas

four fried plantains,

Fried Plantains

a ball of rice sprinkled with diced carrots and four peas,

Ball of Rice

as well as two warmed, flour tortillas followed.

What I loved: The flavorful, juicy chicken. Fried plantains to end the meal.

Why I loved it: Quiet, clean space with very attentive, well-groomed wait-staff and delicious food as a beautiful end to our two-week holiday in Nicaragua.

Cost: High (C$290 – C$350 per – huge – entree)

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