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( – Leon, Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: I believe James, the owner of La Perla recommended the restaurant to our large party of family and friends in town for the wedding of the year. And Thanksgiving dinner was never more varied than this…

Type of cuisine: “Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, from a delicious paella, up to the most exquisite meats and fresh seafood.” The first restaurant to serve high Spanish cuisine in Leon. “All our ingredients are fresh and selected carefully by our Chef.”

Mesan Real

Ambiance: We walked up the street to the gate, on the left side of which is a Medieval-looking metal shield set over an azure background with the words “Meson Real” cut out. Inside the cream-colored walls, dark wooden floors and ceiling are sparsely decorated: three small shelves each with one blue vase, three small bottles in orange, yellow and blue accompanied by a swirly wrought iron candle holder, and a painting with two, small, felt Christmas tree ornaments laying against it. A sun-shape framed mirror hangs to their right, far overheard.

Sparse Decor

The chalkboard menu in Spanish and English make it an ideal place for the lot of us, most of whom are unable to speak the native language. One fan and a chandelier hang from the intricate hardwood ceiling that draws attention to the loft over the bar and a second, more remote dining area. The shiny, red, tiled floor leads through a wide, arched doorway to what seems to be an extensive kitchen at the back.

What I ordered: A table of eighteen hungry Americans, and only a handful of dishes that I can remember being ordered. Mine: Camarones Ajillo (C$120), garlic shrimp or “Head-On Garlic Shrimp: Suck the head and lick your fingers!”


Or maybe I ordered this, “To eat with their hands and sucking fingers!”? (When I asked if the chef would mind serving mine sans tetes, he said he is unable to guarantee the flavor, but will do as I ask.) Not being very hungry, Chris chose the Calamari Ajillo (C$120), served swimming in a dish of garlic, butter and parsley, and four slices of baguette to sop it all up!


We also had orderes for the Pulpo (C$135), Churrasco con Chimichurri (C$230), Puntas de Filete Jalapena (C$240), Mar y Tierra, or “Surf & Turf” (C$275), and many others.

Surf & Turf

On a return visit, Sunday, November 25, 2012: The wedding party, post-wedding and pre-dispersement wanted to return to Meson Real once again. And we were easily convinced to join in the fun. This time, however, we made certain we were hungry and ready for the good food to come. We sampled the muscles in garlic sauce (C$170) that Carolyn ordered and even dipped baguette in the remaining garlic-butter-parsley pool.

Muscles in Garlic Sauce

Chris and I also shared the Hummus con pan (C$79),

Hummus Con Pain

and then devoured the Puntas de Filete Jalapena (C$240), tender steak served with mashed potatoes, sauteed carrots & squash, sprinkled with fresh parsley and a gravy boat full of jalapeno-onion white sauce.

Filete Jalapena

What I loved: The garlic sauce. The shrimp was succulent, and absolutely, as promised, finger-licking good! The beef so flavorful, tender and melt-in-your-mouth amazing, and the jalapeno sauce something to write home about.

Shrimp Close Up

Why I loved it: The chef was with us from start to finish, greeting us as we were seating, presenting dishes, checking in and even taking our group photo from the loft!

Thanksgiving in Leon!

Cost: High (C$195 – C$450 per dinner entree)

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