El Zaguan

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(No website found at time of publishing) – Calle El Arsenal, Granada, Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: The staff at Patio del Malinche recommended it as a beautiful and delicious dinner spot in our neighborhood.

El Zaguan

Type of cuisine: “…succulent fire-grilled meats, wonderfully prepared guapote (rainbow bass) from the lake or sea bass from the Pacific, all in a cozy dining room where dueling mariachi trios descend at sunset.” Heavily focused on meats, El Zaguan is a grill-lovers dream.

Ambiance: Walking down the cobblestoned sidewalk, only a dim light over the wrought iron hanging structure depicting the name of the establishment lets us know we are in the right place. We make our way through the large, wooden, double-doors and into a brightly colored space. Arched throughways lead us from the animal-skin carpet at the front to the extensive seating towards the back.

Animal-Skin Rug

Half indoors and half out, tables and chairs come aplenty! Christmas lights, including those shaped like icicles hang overhead, but all we see is the brick oven at the back. We are escorted to a covered courtyard, dimly lit in the dark night air, where we take our seats close to the bar. Within minutes of taking in our surroundings: greenery and trees against the concrete neighboring wall, bushes decorated with colorful Christmas lights, we are pleasantly surprised to hear the beautiful music of local mariachi.

Wooden Menu

What I ordered: Most everything prepared in a open-faced brick oven, we were delighted at the plethora of options the menu had to offer.

Open-faced Oven

At the recommendation of our server, I elected for the Churrasco Maya (C$320), juicy tenderloin steak served with gallopinto, fried plantain and creole sausage.

Churrasco Maya

Chris wanted to start with the Chorizo el Zaguan (C$115), a homemade pork sausage,


followed by the Costilla de Cerdo, Pork Ribs (C$250).

Pork Ribs

What I loved: I loved the char-grilled buttered bread that we were offered as a starter, along with the chorizo.

Toasted Bread

It’s wonderful to me that every meal, whether it is prefaced or not is served with a small salad of iceburg lettuce, beets, cucumber and tomato, and occasionally shredded carrots.


The pork ribs were deliciously flavored and grilled beautifully! The steak tender, light and succulent. The fried plantains a perfect and just-sweet-enough treat with which to end my meal.


Why I loved it: Excellent food, exceptional service, delightful ambiance.

Cost: High (C$250 – C$500 per dinner entree)

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