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(No website found at time of publishing) – Parque Central, Granada, Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: Our taxi driver, Claudio suggested it when we asked for a very traditional, typical Granadan/Nicaraguan meal – our treat.

Type of cuisine: Traditional options including yucca, gallo pinto and fajitas, as well as fast foods including burgers, ham sandwiches, omelettes, and salad.

Ambiance: In our minimal travels in Nicaragua, we found that each church/cathedral was accompanied by a large central park or square. This community gathering place is often comprised of a city block decorated with benches, trees which offer shade from the sun and slight protection from the elements, as well as a market selling local crafts, produce, and trinkets Made In China. In this particular square, a gazebo-like structure has been erected in each corner that sells delicious, simple, and fresh meals. The green rock-faced structures are framed in bold, cherry red, where mini shelves inside display religious memorabilia. Two women mind each gazebo, preparing and delivering food to the patrons seated in wooden folding chairs at small wooden tables on the cobbled square below.


What I ordered: At the recommendation of Claudio, the three of us ordered Vigoron (C$40 each). Three, large, frilly, white, plastic bowls were delivered to us, each with vibrant green banana leaves lining the inside. Laid gently and beautifully atop the leaf, a scoop of mashed yucca, fried pork and chicharon, fresh, diced tomato and thinly sliced, pickled cabbage slaw.


What I loved: The slaw with the yucca! Fresh. Flavorful.

Vigoron - After

Why I loved it: The food is satisfying yet not uncontrolably filling. The cool breeze in the shade of Parque Central trees while watching children run and families gather, enjoying a delicious meal in the oldest city in Central America.

Cost: Low (C$25 – C$60 per entree)

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