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( – Ballston neighborhood, Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: It’s definitely a spot that is recognizable and memorable, next to the fountains outside of Rustico in Ballston, and in a location we walk by regularly. We took our friend, Cody there for a shot of the best espresso – from what I hear – in town. On this evening, our new friend Laurie invited us out for a late cup of cider over conversation and a walk on this chilled, fall evening.

Type of cuisine:The truth, the honest to goodness truth: ingredients matter, freshness matters and people matter. Buzz begins its days well before sunrise, warming ovens, mixing batters and shaping doughs. All of our food is prepared with a reverence for great ingredients, a passion for careful baking and a steadfast dedication to serving only the freshest items. Buzz Bakery – with shops in Alexandria and Ballston – allows you to enjoy terrific baked goods and desserts accompanied by a great beverage in a fun and welcoming setting. Our team is there to ensure that you always have an exceptional Buzz experience be it a quick fly-by visit to grab a latte and a brioche, a special order of cupcakes for your best friend’s birthday or a comfortable respite on one of our couches with a glass of wine and something sweet.”

Eat: “We take dessert to the extreme at Buzz. Both our locations offer a full-service bakery, coffee shop, dessert and libation lounge serves as a kaleidoscopic showcase for Pastry Chef Tiffany MacIsaac and her talented team. Each and every day, you can expect an array of cakes, pies, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies and so much more. Everything on the Buzz menu – from pastries to panini, granola to ganache – is made from scratch using the finest ingredients on earth.  Honestly. Let Buzz put out on nifty breakfast spread at your next morning meeting or come to our place for croissants, coffee and some good brainstorming.

Drink: “While Buzz may be best known for our coffee, cupcakes and other confectionery wonders, we’re also committed to providing the very best in tea, beer and wine. We’ve also crafted a very cool little cocktail menu for those times when little else will do. These nifty libations make perfect sense to us given that Buzz is open late every night of the week and because we have a terrific people watching patio from which to imbibe. We made a wise decision early on to surround ourselves with nothing but the best; our coffee comes compliments of MadCap Coffee and our teas are the product of Devi and Damman Frères. Our brews are handpicked by our Rustico and ChurchKey beer guru Greg Engert while sister store Planet Wine over in Del Ray weighed in with some terrific choices for our wine program. Please join us for a cup, glass or pint anytime, we’ve got all the bases covered here at Buzz.”

Ambiance:Buzz Bakery, now with locations in Alexandria and Ballston, was designed as an ideal destination for either breakfast on the run or a lazy Sunday morning spot to spread out the paper. It’s equally at ease as a satisfying respite for a midday fueling or for a late afternoon tea and a sweet. As for the evenings, there’s simply no better place to relax on the couch over a glass of wine or a crafty cocktail. You see, Buzz was built to be many things to many people, with a particular fondness for the young at heart. Buzz is here, both day and night with fresh coffee, too many tempting treats to count, wi-fi access in the lounge, special events for kids, the occasional book signing or art opening and even a little live music from time to time.” Additionally, “The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Open every night until midnight, Buzz is anything but your typical coffee house. We’re your date place, your study spot, your guilty pleasure and a refuge from the mundane. Comfortable and cozy couches and intimate table settings make our lounge an ideal after dinner spot to extend an evening with friends. Buzz is also wi-fi ready with plenty of space to spread out and plug in while you enjoy a cup of coffee and dessert. Our Alexandria shop also features live music nearly every Monday.”

What I ordered: A cup of hot apple cider with caramel & cinnamon. In fact, three orders of the same, for all three in our party.

On a return visit, Thursday, January 10, 2013Our first Concierge and friend, Iryna and I arranged a visit to Buzz Bakery on this Thursday afternoon to catch up over a hot cup of coffee and a years worth of conversation. On this sunny, winter afternoon, I enjoyed a smooth, caramely, creamy 12-ounce Mocha ($4.30), with a single shot of espresso (ristretto), nonfat milk, without whipped topping. On my way out, knowing it may be months before we have an opportunity to return, I indulged by purchasing three cupcakes for my Sweetface and I. The Cookie Monster ($3.25), a chocolate chip cookie cake, raw cookie dough core, Oreo Italian buttercream, topped with a miniature oatmeal cream pie. The Scout ($3.25), devils food chocolate cake with a mint mousse filling and fudge buttercream, topped with a peppermint cookie. The Buzz ($2.75), a traditional devils food cake, topped with an elegant and flavorful espresso buttercream, dusted with cookie crumbs.

Buzz Cupcakes

On a return visit, Monday, February 18, 2013: In the mood for a coffee reprieve after a lovely weekend with good friends, we stopped by our favorite local coffee house.

This time, we had orders for a large (16-ounce) Hot Cocoa, my small, non-fat, single ristretto Peppermint Mocha (12-ounce), one large quad shot latte, a small mug of chai with steamed milk, two petite scones and a White Rabbit ($2.75) – white carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream and toasted coconut.


On a visit to Buzz in Alexandria, Thursday, November 21, 2013 Having moved across country with two full punch cards, I knew that a return to Buzz would be in order on a visit back to the east coast.

Buzz Alexandria Wall

It was perfect timing when a very good friend from Fairfax City wanted to get together to catch up. Drinks on me! The space in this establishment, still cozy and very reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, gave less of a pink, bubblegum feel as it did an everybody’s welcome, open, environment.

Buzz Alexandria Cozy Seating

Walking up to the counter,

Buzz Alexandria Counter

around towards the condiment bar,

Buzz Alexandria Impulse Buys

making our way to our seats,

Buzz Alexandria Seating

the creativity of wall art and decorations kept our imaginations soaring and our smiles growing bigger.

Buzz Alexandria Kite Art

What I loved: The creamy foam atop the fresh-tasting, spiced cider. The smoothness of the espresso and the light flavor of peppermint and chocolate hinted, so as not to mask the beauty and richness of the roasted beans.

Buzz White Rabbit

Why I loved it: A fresh, whimsical, clean setting, friendly baristas and comfortable seating for any occasion.

Eat Sweet Repeat

Cost: Average ($3-$5 per beverage)

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