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( – Ballston neighborhood, Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: Chris and I first learned of Super Pollo from one of our numerous walks through Arlington. My friend, Luis, said that the spices on the Peruvian chicken at Super Pollo beat those of El Pollo Rico, yet EPR still wins for the entire package. I trust my Peruvian friend, yet we had to (finally) sample it for ourselves, when one opened up around the corner from home.

Type of cuisine: Charcoal-broiled chicken, rotisserie style, served with sides. Other menu items exist, but let’s be honest – the charcoal chicken is Super Pollo’s claim to fame. “Super Pollo is called the “go to place” for Peruvian chicken.  The chicken is always tender and delicious.  The steak fries are always served hot, the rice (PLAIN RICE) has a flavor that many would love to replicate in the kitchen.  And a common request is “extra sauce please!

Ambiance: We walked up to the new dining strip mall, windows from floor to ceiling, and adjacent to Jimmy Johns is unit 550-C: Super Pollo. Inside we are met with black and white tiled floors, yellow walls and still-white, slightly tall ceilings. Recessed lighting throughout the space brings ones attention to the hanging lights directly over the display of food running across the majority of the middle of the restaurant space. Matching wooden tables with black legs and dark chairs, yellow, plastic booth seating and music somewhat foreign to the space are immediately noticable. Random artwork – collages of scenes from Paris and New York, oil paintings with scenes from jazz clubs, photographs that seem impersonal, and strangely placed quotes about love, life and laughter – can be found throughout. We disregard and make our way to the far right side of the kitchen counter to place our orders, after a quick meander past the options for side dishes. Stacks of styrofoam carry-out containers are available for packing up our food, as well as plates for diners wishing to keep their food here. Large skewers are removed from the large rotisserie oven and three to four blackened, whole chickens are emptied into containers under heating lamps for us to enjoy. Making our way down the glass display, we take note of a dozen (or more) side dishes, of which we can each select two to accompany our dinners. We are ready to order.

What I ordered: Chris knew immediately that he would be enjoying a half chicken with two sides ($8.99) including fries and a small bowl of chickpeas swimming in a soupy sauce. Cody and I shared Family Meal #1, a whole chicken with two sides ($18.99), a larger bowl of spinach (similar to palak paneer, with potatoes instead of paneer) and a generous helping of fried plantains. Our meal came with four cans of soda, which we found in the Coca-Cola refrigerators and took our seats towards the back of the establishment on the far left (from entrance).Super Pollo

What I loved: The juicy chicken and the spicy green sauce.

Why I loved it: Delicious chicken. A short walk from our home. Side options that allow for any taste to enjoy.

Cost: Average ($8 per half chicken)

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