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(lemongrasstruck.com) – Mobile Food Truck

How I heard of this place: Chris and I were volunteering at a Safe At Home fundraising kickball tournament and were offered $5, each, in free food from one of the four food trucks: Chick fil-A, Lemongrass, Curbside Cupcakes, and Red Hook Lobster Truck. We chose Lemongrass.

Type of cuisine: “Stay Hungry and swing by for some healthy, quick, and affordable food that is made fresh to order. Stay Foolish enough to branch away from the large restaurant chains and fast food restaurants to try something new. Be hungry and foolish with the Lemongrass Truck!” According to one co-owner, on their website, “Vietnamese food is a hidden gem that some people have yet to try. By making it mobile and accessible we want to present select favorites of Vietnamese cuisine dishes in a way that’s familiar and not mundane to the public.” So, what they did was “take Vietnamese cuisine out of the restaurant and into the street so that anyone can access it. But we also want to narrow the selection down to our favorite dishes so that people aren’t overwhelmed with too much of a selection. We’ve taken 2 main ingredients: grilled lemongrass chicken & slow roasted pork and offering it up 4 ways; banh mi, tacos, vermicelli noodles, and salad. Rounding off the meal with the one and only bubble tea!!”

Ambiance: Food truck. Simple. The ambiance of your dining adventure is what you make of it – curbside seating, office desk, at home on a couch in front of your television. The bright green truck delivers to curbsides everywhere and, when you spot it (or follow it), it’s yours to savor.

What I ordered: We selected the Salad ($8) with Lemongrass chicken, “If you’re looking for all the great Vietnamese food minus all the carbs, our salad is the thing for you. Pick a protein to sit on top of a bed of green leaf lettuce, pickled carrots and daikon radish, cucumbers and cilantro. The salad is topped with our homemade lemongrass dressing to tie all the flavors together. Definitely a crowd favorite!” Wishing to sample one of their three bubble teas, but without the tickets to do it, I asked the friendly man in the window if we could sample a half cup of Thai Tea for only $2? He immediately asked if we each wanted one, and went ahead and gave us two bubble teas ($4 each) for our remaining $2 worth of tickets. “The bubbles are super sized tapioca similiar to the tapioca you see in tapioca pudding. The bubbles are more sweet and because of its size, a little chewy. The concept is unique, but once you’ve tried it, you’re going to want bubbles in everything you drink. It just makes drinking fun! We’ve picked 3 best sellers to offer: Iced Coffee, Thai Tea, and Green Tea. Give it a try and see what the hype is about!

What I loved: The tea was lightly sweetened and perfectly creamy orange, while the salad was fresh and crisp and the dressing light and flavorful. Yum.

Why I loved it: Delicious food served by the friendliest, most generous food truck staff I have ever come across.

Cost: Average ($7.50 – $8 per lunch entree)cirquecuisine.com

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