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( – Georgetown, Washington, DC

How I heard of this place: Someone recommended it to us at some point soon after our move to the area. It took us this long to find a reason to go!


Type of cuisine: “Every day on our counters you’ll find a fresh selection of traditional American baked goods. The selection is constantly changing, but the pages below will show you everything we make. bars biscotti breakfast breads & coffee cakes brownies cakes cookies cupcakes hippie crack muffins pies quiche sandwich cookies scones zilla bonez.” “At Baked & Wired, we handcraft our baked goods in small batches.  For us, quality is far more important than quantity and by baking in small amounts, we are able to assure you that our products are the best.  Having only one store allows us to focuson quality rather than production.  We take extreme pride in what we make, both at the kitchen and at the store so please stop by.” An enticing spectacle accompanied by Stumptown coffee. “Since 2001 Baked & Wired has been proudly serving handcrafted coffee drinks in Georgetown. Our mission is to provide the very best coffee experience and our baristas are professionals and artisans, trained in the craft of preparing coffee and committed to ongoing education and improvement in their skills and knowledge. We engage with our customers to make them part of the process of learning about and enjoying coffee. We source our coffee via Direct Trade, ensuring fair and sustainable practices from farm to cup. Our coffee comes from Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Intelligentsia Coffee. Our organic milk comes from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.”

Ambiance: Off the beaten path of Georgetown’s bustling M Street, just a hop, skip and a jump towards the canal on Thomas Jefferson Street NW, the tall, white-painted brick building that hosts baked & wired can be found. It’s simple, pink banner hangs high above and to the side of the doorway, but no one seems to get lost. The brick sidewalk hosting a couple of tables with matching chairs, and the A-frame chalkboard with “GO TEAM USA” colorfully established may have something to do with the hoards easily finding their way in. The pink-framed, windowed doors lead in to the retail bakery side of the cafe, where dozens await their turns in line. Along the ordering counter, individually boxed and beautifully presented biscotti, cupcakes, and jars with a variety of cookies, bars and other sweets line the way. Underneath spheres of light, and glowing with the natural sunlight streaming through the windows, each pastry looks more and more mouth-watering. Hardwood floors lead back towards the couch-studded seating area, (a barquette with stools is also availble), and towards the bar at the right. White walls and tall ceilings give this homey space a Seattle coffee-culture edge. Holes cut into the walls host bags of coffee beans, a stand, several shelves high holds various breads (including banana-walnut, zucchini, and pumpkin). Place your orders, move along the mini counter to (literally) stop and smell the coffee (beans), to pick up your beverages at the brightly painted canvas against the black wall to the far end. Wooden half-walls separate the two couch seating areas, complete with thick, wooden coffee tables and white-painted brick walls. A large American flag hangs as art, as patrons enjoy their food and drink atop the bench at its foot. A lone statue of Buddha is the sole heir to the highest shelf above the bus station, recycling available.


What I ordered: Two Vietnamese Iced Coffees ($3.50 each), one for me and one for the hubby.

Vietnamese Coffee

And two cookies to share with our two dining companions: Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip ($1.50) and one Sammie Cookie ($3.50) – a chocolate espresso cookie with chocolate satin center.

Chocolate Espresso Cookie

One of our dining companions enjoyed a large iced latte ($4.45) and a Mixed Veggie Quiche: homemade crust filled with egg custard,smooth goat cheese and a mix of zucchini, peppers and summer squash.

On a return visit, Thursday, September 13, 2012: On this summer afternoon in Georgetown, taking a walking tour with my friend, Cody, we needed a quick coffee break and sweet fix, and made our way to the Stumptown providers. A double espresso for Cody, a small lemonade for me, and a Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter frosting to share, and we were set for the rest of our afternoon walk.

Team USA

What I loved: I absolutely could not get enough of the Sammie Cookie! Yum. Yum. And Yum!

Why I loved it: Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, excellent baked goods (we were told to return for one of their famous cupcakes) and a very Seattle/Pacific Northwest vibe.

Cost: Average ($3-$5 per espresso beverage)

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