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(kabobbazaar.com) – Clarendon neighborhood, Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: Since moving to Arlington, it has become our go-to joint for Persian kabob, especially with groups of friends.

Type of cuisine: Persian rice and kabobs, including beef, lamb and chicken varieties. Skewers of meat, sometimes with vegetables, always with grilled tomatoes served over rice or bread, as you wish.

Kabob Bazaar Chicken Soltani

Ambiance:  An outdoor patio separated from the sidewalk by only a black & yellow chain, the plastic wicker chairs surround metallic tables, set and ready to go. Chained in, the small, mismatched tables and chairs allowed for our party of six to be easily accommodated. Large, double doors open into the dim-lit restaurant, where traditional instrumental music plays above, paintings display people, places and Iranian decor, large samovars brew aromatic Perisan tea at the bar, an open-fire grill behind a windowed nook look in from the tiled dance floor towards the back of the establishmentWooden tables for two, set up in fours throughout the dining area slowly grow happy-bellied patrons.

What I ordered: Having stuck with the koobideh kabob ($8.95) with rice and a pitcher of doogh ($7.95) on most of our visits, we decided to shake things up a bit on this visit. We selected, instead, the Chicken Soltani with rice ($12.75) – an order of koobideh and one of boneless chicken shish kabob – as well as a side of kubideh ($3.50), as well as the pitcher of doogh. Three of our dining companions, selected the Salmon Kabob ($11.45) with the special rice of the day: Addas Polo, rice with lentils, raisins and dates.

Salmon Kabob

We had two orders for the Chicken Shish Kabob with rice ($10.45): marinated chunks of boneless and skinless breast with mushroom, green pepper, tomato, and onion. and one of the Lamb Shish Kabob with rice ($11.95): chunks of marinated prime lamb with mushroom, green pepper, tomato, and onion.  One Must-o-Moseer ($3.95), yogurt mixed with diced shallots for the table, and a handful of baskets of fresh baked bread with herbs and spicy yogurt dressing and we were set!

On a return visit, Monday, September 3, 2012Chris and I were delighted to return to a loving dinner with two of our favorite Arlingtonians! We love our monthly dinners out and were so pleased to be welcomed back with a familiar, local favorite. The two men stuck with their known favorite: Kubideh Kabob with rice ($8.95 each) and one with an upgrade to Zereshk Polo ($2 more).

Koobideh with Zereshk Polo

The ladies selected the Salmon Kabob with rice ($11.45 each), one with Zereshk Polo ($2 more) and one with the daily special Addas Polo ($3 more). Three rounds of doogh ($2 each), and a Chocolate Mousse Tart ($5.95) served beautifully on a white plate with chocolate drizzle and a sliced ripe strawberry.

What I loved: The mast-o-moseer, peppery and creamy was one of the best I have had at any restaurant. The rice from our main entree was fluffy and buttery, and complemented the grilled tomatoes alongside the juicy kubideh and jujeh kabobs. The warm bread and presentation of the basket a welcome embrace, creating an appetizer to whet our appetites before the meals arrived.

Why I loved it: The portions, while still abundant, are more manageable than some Persian kabob houses, and the opportunity to share still abounds! The low cost and convenient location make for a winning combination!

Cost: Low to average ($9-$15 per dinner entree)

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