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( – Clarendon neighborhood, Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: Years back, I was surprised to find the 80s returning; everything from fashion to hair cuts, and now, to frozen yogurt. Pinkberry was one of the first I had seen rise to stardom among the American masses who could not even recall the 1980s. Then, we moved to Arlington, and one day, on a walk through the neighborhood, we noticed signs for a Pinkberry opening up in this storefront property. Not long after, the lines were pouring out the door and around the bend. I guess it’s time to sample!

Type of cuisine: Frozen yogurt, toppings. “All Pinkberry’s great tasting products are made fresh with the highest quality ingredients and Pinkberry’s signature tang. Our menu includes Original, Chocolate, and many other seasonal frozen yogurts, daily cut fresh fruit and seasonal fresh fruit toppings, as well as creative and premium dry and liquid toppings. Pinkberry also now serves a Fresh Fruit Parfait, Fruit Bones and Pinkberry Waffle Cones! Get your taste of Swirly Goodness.”


Ambiance: Floor to ceiling windows at the front, bright white lights inside, a floor made of tiny pebbles all glossed together, high ceilings and young staff. That about says it all! The reflective, plastic orange walls along the wooden bench seating side, lead into the bright blue walls behind the toppings display case and frozen yogurt machines, which feed into the sky blue ceiling with recessed lights. Signage is simple, with a white background and bold pictures of each yogurt and the line extends out the door, where more customers can be seen enjoying their fro-yo.

What I ordered: Seeing as how we were completely full from our abundant meal at Againn, I chose, simply, to sample two of the six yogurt flavors: Mango and Watermelon. When one dining companion tried her Salted Caramel, she wouldn’t let me leave the line without a sample, so, of course, I obliged.

What I loved: The watermelon’s tang, the light sweetness of the Salted Caramel, and the hint of a real frozen mango in the mango yogurt.

Why I loved it: Simple, quick, fresh ingredients, in a young, bright atmosphere.

Cost: Average ($3.25 and up for a small cup of frozen yogurt, including toppings)

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