Veranda Cocktail Bar

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( – Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece

How I heard of this place: Seated a few doors down the night prior, I was eyeing the beautiful color of the chairs at this establishment, and chose it as the final spot we would enjoy a snack at the water’s edge before returning to Athens.

Type of cuisine: An ample variety of cold and hot beverages, limited snack options including toasted sanwiches and sweet or savory crepes.


Ambiance: The typical white taverna at the waterfront in Mykonos, the small indoor bar is simple with only a handful of seating options at the wrap-around barquette. The sepia-toned stone floors match the limited artwork on the wall and wicker base of the white, wooden, backed bar-chairs. Our small, white, square table is set against the wall, where we take our seats on benches protruding (built-in) from the wall, itself. The grey, faux-leather cushion creates a comfortable seat, and alternating grey and blue, thin pillows keep our backs softly edged up against the building wall outside. The recognizable Mykonos stone pathway winds down the way towards the other restaurants in Little Venice, and ends one table from where we are seated. The glorious, turquoise waters, rocks completely and clearly viewable, extends out as far as the eyes can see – towards the windmills, islands, and into the horizon.

What I ordered: We each started with a sweet Cappuccino Freddo (€6 each), and shared the Club Sandwich (€9) and a large bottle of mineral water.


What I loved: Most of all, I loved the sweet, iced cappuccino, and Chris was in full agreement!

Why I loved it: The view is unforgettable, the space clean and the stone walkway memorable.

Cost: Average to high (€4-€9 per beverage, €7-€9 per snack)

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