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(No website found at time of publishing) – Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece

How I heard of this place: Wondering the small, white-outlined stone streets of Mykonos, it was nearing sunset and we decided a spot on the water for dinner would be ideal. Having seen it from the hill, we left the windmills, knowing the spot to which we were headed, in Little Venice.

Little Venice Mykonos

Type of cuisine: Simple Italian fare.

Ambiance: Little Venice has to be one of the most pictured spots in Greece, if not the world. Restaurant seating as close to the waters edge as one can get, bright white outlined stone paths winding through the streets of the heart of Mykonos Town, the vast, open horizon viewable from any spot, a romantic dining experiece could not ask for more. The warm sun setting, the breeze over the sea cooling, and tables slowly beginning to fill (though not completely as it is the low season)…Peter, the Mykonos pelican casually wanders through. Down the stairs along the water, and back up into the restaurant (and the kitchen, we are told), he meanders through the gawking, smiling and pointing tourists seated outside. (Apparently this happens twice a day, around ten o’clock in the morning, and again, just before sunset.) We peruse them menu from our white, wooden, wicker-based chairs, chatting aimiably with two Australian women seated on the cushioned bench against the restaurant wall, farther from the waters edge (where we immediately claimed our spots for the best sunset views). Simple decor, wilting yellow and white daisies in a vase at our table, the only thing on the white, uncovered table, because nothing can compare with the site of the setting sun we were soon to behold.

Sunset Mykonos

What I ordered: We started with our usual, tzatziki (€4.50), served with slices of tomato & cucmber on the side, and added a Greek Salad (€6.50) of thick-cut tomato, cucumber, red onion, green bell pepper and Kalamata olives, tossed in a light lemon vinaigrette and topped with a block of feta cheese sprinkled with dried oregano. Being unable to resist, we also ordered the Fried Cheese Saganaki (€6.50). The appetizers shared, it was time to indulge in a Pizza Margarita (€9) with which we finished our large bottle of water.

What I loved: Everything was excellent! The Greek salad fresh and crisp, the fried cheese gooey and salty, the pizza utterly satisfying.


Why I loved it: After watching the sun set from the waters edge, I have to say that the Pelican (the famous male on the island) truly made for a remarkable and entirely memorable dining experience.


Cost: Average (€9-€12 per dinner entree)

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