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(Facebook: – Town Hall neighborhood in the Central Square, Syros, Greece

How I heard of this place: We walked by, saw it, and sat down for a refreshing beverage and lunch-time snack.

Type of cuisine: A snack bar with a lengthy beverage menu, a handful of desserts (ice cream) and simple sandwiches for a quick, satiating bite.

Ambiance: Most restaurants are found near the Town Hall seem to be housed across the street with patio branches along the perimeter of the Square. This one is no exception. We found our seats under the covered sidewalk, where we could watch children actively keeping entertained (kicking a soccer ball, riding bikes, running and laughing together, scaring the pigeons, etc.) while enjoying cool breeze in the shade of our covered patio and surrounding trees. Our black, metal chairs, set with alternating pistachio and eggplant cushions, sat up against our small, round, white, marble tabletops. Faint music plays unobtrusively in the background as we sit back and sip our fruit smoothies. The small interior of the restaurant, itself, with only an extensive bar, a mini barquette at the window, and limited seating is no wonder that the entirety of business is done from the patio!

What I ordered: A Season Mixed Juice (€5) for me and a creamy Orange-Banana Smoothie (€5) for Chris, a shiny silver carafe of water (on the house) and a Club Sandwich (€4), served with seasoned, ridged potato chips to share. Our orders placed, our red-headed server brought us a small dish with a square of orange cake cut in four to start.


What I loved: Though I was hesitant to try it, the club sandwich was surprisingly delicious, moreso than club sandwiches in the United States, simple. The potato chips, amazing! The fruit juice, perfect.

Why I loved it: Everything about this place was fabulous – from the calm, relaxing environment, to the glorious weather, from the friendly staff to the tasty snack.

Cost: Low (€2.50-€5 per generous, fresh beverage, €2-€5 per sandwich snack)

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