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(Business card: http://hellasislands.gr/santorini/map-sankroua/terpsi%20cafe+terpsi%20en%20oia/index.html)

(Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Terpsi-en-Oia/243840852306617) – Oia neighborhood in Santorini, Greece

How I heard of this place: A service surprisingly and perfectly organized in Santorini (Oia, at least) is the small Travel Office that is housed on the Bus Square. Here, we met three lovely women, who helped us with all of our questions and requests. Diana was the best for iced coffee and food recommendations! (Julianna (from Romania) was most helpful by way of setting up transportation and getting us around the town.) And her recommendation for Terpsi confirmed that!

Type of cuisine: European favorites, including fancy presentation of traditional Greek dishes.

Ambiance: The dark pink, weathered walls of Terpsi, perfectly matched to the tiled floor in varying shades and hues of pinks and creams, welcome us to the small, quaint and cozy establihsment. The double, white doors open into an elegant space with tear-drop rubies hanging from the center chandelier. Walls in mauve and rust-red create warmth opposite the low, hanging, white shelf, home to a row of bottles above the bar. A large antique-framed mirror, situated on right right side wall creates the impression of a larger space, maintaining the coziness of the interior seating area. We immediately made our way out to the more extensive and roomy covered balcony, from which to sip our beverages and take in one of the most brilliant views in the world. Perched above the blue-domed churches leading down over the Mediterranean and the caldera beyond. Our pale pink balcony comes with 180-degree panoramic views, seen from the railing or with your back turned, through the large, antique-framed mirror. Pulled and cinched white curtains around the mirror, light-colored wooden tables and chairs, a fancy, backed, cushioned picnic bench with pillows at the back for added comfort created the sense of being at home, or in a fancy hotel. Hanging cornucopias of fresh spring flowers come alive against the blue skies, dark islands and seablue waters as you sit back and take in every glorious breath.

Terpsi View

What I ordered: We began our Terpsi journey with beverages in the late afternoon. I needed to try the Cappuccino “iced” (€4.50), which is exactly what I did! My tall glass came served with a straw, in layers of dark, sweet, coffee goodness; espresso poured over ice and topped with foamy milk from about two-thirds of the way up to the brim. Chris, wanting to ensure a restful sleep went with the more responsible White Chocolate (€5), a thick, milky beverage sweetened with white chocolate ganache.

Terpsi Coffee

On a return visit, later that same day: To start, we selected the only appetizer that included tzatziki: “Trilogy from Santorini’s fava beans, grilled eggplant & traditional tzatziki with baguette’s crostini” (€9). Our shared main entrees included the Sea Bass Fillet (€22), “Into greaseproof paper (cartocho) with fresh-cut vegetables, thyme & capers” and the Salmon Fillet (€23), “With champagne sauce, brick & potato-salad“. Our Romanian server, when he presented our appetizer, also accompanied it with a basket of four mini loaves of bread, and a medley of olive tapanade in local olive oil and mint-infused yogurt, also drizzled with olive oil for dipping. As much as we wanted to try the famous Terpsi Chocolate Mousse, we had to pass on dessert and save our stomaches. Plus, we had to save something for our next visit to Oia!

What I loved: We were blown away by the two fish dishes we ordered. As much as we love salmon, the hot, creamy topping continued to cook the filet and took away from the already-flavorful fish. That being said, there was really no reason to complain as the entirety of the meal was completely satisfying and full of delicious, fresh flavor. The seabass, I have to say, completely won us over. We were blown away by the tenderness of the soft fish and the combination of flavors that melt together when cooked together in a cartocho.

Why I loved it: The service extremely friendly, the views unmatched and the food truly worth a second visit.

Cost: High (€18-€69 per dinner entree)

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