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(No website found at time of publishing) – Oia neighborhood on the island of Santorini, Greece

How I heard of this place: We were set to meet our proprieter for the Old Oia Houses at this spot to secure the keys for our little home on the island. Having settled in, walking back out the door, we decided to take a closer look at the establishment and decided it was going to be the location of our first meal on Santorini. It helped, too, that our taxi driver recommended it, among other places.

Type of cuisine: A creative international take on traditional Greek cuisine, with options for the less adventurous (pasta, anyone?).

Ambiance: A beautiful, unobstructed view of the Caldera is the main attraction of this Oia establishment, perched above a breathtaking vista. While you may not see the sunset from the covered patio, the very intimate setting between your party and that of everyone else in there creates a warmth and charm that is quite unforgettable. The front entrance, a blossoming tree growing up the wall around the arched doorway, a romantic beginning to a snug evening meal. A yellow-framed, lavendar door opens up onto a rust- and white-tiled floor in the small front seating area. The cozy space of lavendar walls lined with black and white family photographs seats eleven between four, small, round, marble tables. Within eight steps, we make our way down the few stairs to the Spanish-tiled patio, where took our seats, overlooking the dream-like Greek homes and islands.

What I ordered: Take your guess at our starter? Tzatziki (€5) and a Spicy Cheese Dip (€5) – the day’s special. For our main entrees, we chose to share the following: Sole (€13), battered, fried with butter, topped with fresh parsley and lemon zest, served with a small salad and corn & pea rice…and Yoghurtglou Kebab (€12), beef and pork kebab, covered in a tomato-based, garlic, red pepper and parsley sauce, served with yogurt, corn & pea rice, salad and a quartered, buttered pita.

What I loved: As juicy, tender and beautifully fresh the lemony sole tasted, the Yoghurtglou Kebab won my heart.

Why I loved it: Delicious food, friendly staff, a beautiful setting in a quaint space, very expected in the town of Oia.

Cost: Average to high (€11.50-€18.50 per dinner entree)

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