Hotel Pelops

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( – Olympia, Greece

How I heard of this place: My sister and brother-in-law, in their extensive research for their own trip to Greece two or three years prior made our planning much, much easier. We piggy-backed off of their quality time and research energy and made our way to this spot.

Type of cuisine: Greek version of a continental breakfast buffet, including: three types of cereal, olive oil drenched olives, jams, honey, fresh milk, orange juice , cheese and ham, bread, crackers, cake and cookies, a collection of various tea “and probably….the best filter coffee you will try in Greece“.

Ambiance: This beautifully maintained and comfortable hotel had nothing short of the best in terms of hospitality, friendliness and cleanliness to offer. The dining space continues this tradition of excellence by way of a bright space, white, marble floors, white painted walls and pillars, large windows allowing the beauty of natural lighting through. Each pillar holds two decorative plates resembling the blue and white of those from Holland. Each table is covered in white linen, with a dark pink linen set askew atop. Wicker seats on wooden chairs, all match at each table. Oriental carpets complement the colors of the space to give a warm, homey feeling to the spacious, white room.

What I ordered: Starting with a glass of bottled mineral water, I then helped myself to Greek yogurt topped with local honey. From there, I worked my way through one hard-boiled egg, two slices of deli meat with two types of cheese, tomato slices and one cinnamon-shortbread braided cookie resembling biscochitos. 

What I loved: The Greek yogurt with honey. Yum. Simple. Filling. Delicious. Nutritious.

Why I loved it: Everything about Hotel Pelops was a win! The icing on top: lifting my upside-down coffee mug off of the plate to fill it with honey-lemon-water, and finding a mini, foil-wrapped, chocolate egg, a treat on this Easter Sunday!

Cost: Included in the cost of the hotel

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