Sky Venus Beach Hotel

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( – Salamis, Northern Cyprus

How I heard of this place: We drove by, drove by a second time, and stopped to book a room on the third go.

Type of cuisine: Turkish fare, including salads, spaghetties, beef, lamb and chicken options.

Ambiance: We entered a quiet space, seemingly closed for the evening, where our host and server (the bartender) sat comfortably on a couch watching Turkish Survivor on the television in the corner. Had it been daylight, we could enjoy the view of the sea through the floor-to-ceiling window/sliding glass doors around 3/4 of the space, leading out onto the wrap-around balcony. The white and cream-colored floor tiles complement the microfibre couches and lounging chairs in similar shades. The white ceilings create brightness without the use of fluorescent lights. Our living room connects mostly seamlessly to the more formal dining area with blue-cushioned, metal-rimmed chairs set against tables covered in white linens. The bar is clean and crisp, with a long window reflecting the displayed bottles back at us, as we place our orders.

What I ordered: We started, first with a large bottle of Mineral Water (1.5 litres) to share (2TL) and began our ordering based on what was still available at the late dining hour (20:00). A Mediterranean Salad (14TL) of tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives and feta cheese to start, topped with fresh basil leaves. Our main entrees consisted of Izgara Kofte (Grilled Lamb Meatballs) for Chris (20TL) and Pilic Sis (Chicken Shish Kebab on skewers) for me (20TL). Each of our dishes came with a side of fries, half-cup of rice with, what resembled small noodles (Ramen), one tomato wedge and a bundle of basil.

On a return visit, 27 March 2012: For our breakfast we were each presented with a white, ceramic plate including the following: four wedges of tomato, two slices of cucumber, one spam-colored mini slice of bologna, three slices of three different types of local, white cheese, an individual packet of butter, another of sour cherry jam, a small glass bowl with seven or eight olives and one hard-boiled egg in its own mounted dish. A basket of soft, white bread, and two cups of sweetened Turkish tea with which to end our light and utterly satisfying meal.

What I loved: The salad, again, stole the show, but the meatballs had excellent seasoning (best lamb I had sampled to date) and the chicken juicy and flavorful. The fries, once again, reminded me of my dad’s homemade, fried potatoes and made me crave more.

Why I loved it: The space was calm, easy and comfortable with a variety of seating options (couches by the TV, bar, tables and chairs). The server very friendly and accommodating and the fact that we were watching Turkish Survivor could not be beat!

Cost: Average to high (20-35TL per entree)

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