Pia Bella Hotel

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(piabella.com) – Keryneia, Northern Cyprus

How I heard of this place: As is the case for most of our trip, we stumbled upon this sweet, well-kept hotel and made our way in to book a room after a long day of sight-seeing and driving through the country(ies).

Type of cuisine: A grand Turkish breakfast. A selection of breads and sweet pastries at the bread table, followed by a selection of local cheeses and bright pink deli meats, leading to a buffet of yogurt, olives, fresh made fruit salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and a variety of fresh herbs (mint, basil, arugula/rocket). The banquet table leading to the meusli and cereal was lined with dried apricots, figs, and green raisins, syrups and dressings (including tahini), whole oranges, tangerines and apples. Just when you thought you were happy with the selection, a warming table appears with scrambled eggs, toast, hard-boiled eggs, fried potato wedges, sausages and fried haloumi.

Ambiance: Walking away from our street view hotel, we find that the property is quite extensive, leading us beyond the pool, past the covered walkway and outdoor snack area into another grand, elegant building which hosts the expansive dining room. Large windows allow for natural light to permeate the space, and remain open to let in the cool morning air. Marbled floors and sky/cloud-painted ceilings create more brightness and complement the statued pillars and bright blue vases throughout. The first song heard overhead is one of the only I would recognize immediately: Tarkan’s Kiss Kiss.

What I ordered: My plate consisted of two hard-boiled eggs, a large helping of fresh fruit salad (green apples, red grapefruit and oranges), one slice of fried haloumi, two potato wedges, cucumber, tomato and local cheese. A handful of fresh whole fruits joined us at the table for the road. Chris, eager to partake of a hot meal, stuck with the warm buffet.

What I loved: My favorite is always fresh grapefruit prepared by someone else! No work, all enjoyment of the juicy, tangy-sweet fruit. I also always love the Persian cucumbers in combination with cherry tomatoes, which I enjoyed a second time on my trip back to the buffet!

Why I loved it: Simple with a variety of options for all tastes! I especially love the feta cheese that is flavored with red pepper flakes and thyme.

Cost: Included in the cost of the hotel

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