Falafel Hazkenim

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(No website found at time of publishing) – Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, Haifa, Israel

How I heard of this place: I believe the first I learned of this shop was during my sister, Mojgan’s time in Haifa. We would walk there on a weekend for fresh produce from the Arab market and would sneak in a falafel now and again, when the cravings called, and the lines were manageable. In recent years, I was reminded of the best falafel shop in the area by my brother-in-law, Eric. Thanks, Eric! (A fun blog read: http://www.sarahmelamed.com/2011/04/a-mouthful-of-falafel-in-wadi-nisnas/)

Type of cuisine: Falafel, kubeh, minimal toppings (cabbage, pickles, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers with parsley infused tahini, medium sauce and hot sauce).

Ambiance: A miniature restaurant found along the busy, bustling Wadi street, with people, bikes and cars busily making their way through, from market to home, from lunch to work, or to visit friends, Falafel Hazkenim can be found. White, tiled walls decorated with old, framed photographs, certificates and local reviews are assymetrically placed along the wall, over the light wooden-colored laminate barquette, complete with napkins, and falafel fixin’s. The floor-to-ceiling windows at the storefront, boldly pronounce specials and beverage ads in brightly colored window stickers. The sounds of old friends calling to each other from apartments above, from the outdoor market/bazaar down the way and from the street brings a smile to your face as you walk by (or walk in). The smell of fresh fried falafel balls wafts around, and leads you directly to this spot, from where the best falafel in Haifa comes.

What I ordered: Three of us were eating. Three falafels with everything: tomato, cucumber, onion, tehini. Hot sauce if you want it. And six kofteh for good measure.

What I loved: Falfel balls. Delicious fried chickpeas and then some. (Recipe: http://www.sarahmelamed.com/2010/05/falafel-favorite-street-food-of-the-middle-east/)

Why I loved it: What’s not to love? The fresh-fried balls of vegetarian goodness, soaked in tehini, stuffed in pita to such an extreme that you need two hands to hold it up! Yum.

Cost: Low (12-15NIS per take away falafel)

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