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(farfel.co.il) – Jerusalem Old City, Israel

How I heard of this place: When leaving the Western Wall in the Old City, Chris and I were intrigued by a brightly lit ice cream shop that was just opening, after Shabat.

Type of cuisine: Gelato, waffle cones, bottles of water, fresh fruit for frozen yogurt. Simple and yummy.

Ambiance: Two words come to mind: Fluorescent lighting. Having just left the Western Wall in the late evening, where hundreds continued to offer prayers and leave notes, Chris and I were not expecting to make any stops on our way back to the hotel, on this Shabat evening. But as we made our way through the small, winding pathway, under the arched hall, Nathan was preparing for the evening (after prayer) rush. The bright red stools in retro flare sat up against the white barquette facing the mirrored wall. White, tiled floors ran into the white, tiled walls, up to the floor-to-ceiling windowed storefront. Eraseable markers noted the daily special (waffle cones!) in writing set askew (but not on purpose) and in nearly illegible font. The minimal gelato flavors sat in a glass-front display case near the refrigerator where one presumes they must sell sandwiches, salads, fresh olives, etc. during the day. Without enough time to set any music or organize his workspace, Chris and I made our way in and placed our orders.

What I ordered: I selected two scoops: Ferrero Rocher and Italian Vanilla, while Chris preferred Cheesecake and Dulce de Lech.

What I loved: I most enjoyed the Italian Vanilla, made with real vanilla bean, and Cheesecake. Yum.

Why I loved it: The young man, Nathan, who was serving us created an impression on both Chris and I. Our first outing in Israel and we come across a young, American (New Yorker, from Brooklyn) who moved to Israel (Jerusalem) to be more in touch with his Jewish heritage. He welcomed us with a friendly smile, shared stories of his move to Israel, the homeland and packed our cups of gelato full!

Cost: Average

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