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( – Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: When Chris and I first moved to Arlington, we would walk from home, through the bustling neighborhood and to the Ballston Common Mall, where we would watch movies, take care of errands, or take a shot at being mall-walkers to burn off a huge meal when the weather was too cold and the wind chill too high to be outside. It is here that I first saw, and found out about, Chevys. It was always in the back of our heads to stop by one cold, winter day, when we are not in the mood to cook, and check out the fare across the street. It never happened. Earlier this week, I found a stack of coupons saying that Chevys at Ballston Common closed their doors forever, and that we were invited to dine – for free – at one of their other two locations nearby. Tonight became the night to partake of two free entrees, on Chevys Fresh Mex.

Type of cuisine: Our mission is simply to bring you the freshest Mexican food possible. After all, we are Chevys Fresh Mex, and Fresh is literally our middle name. Since we were born (circa 1986), we’ve made a “fresh mex” pledge to ourselves and to you. We promise to give you fresh flour tortillas, made to order hand rolled tamales, guacamole mashed right at your table, hot and sizzling fajitas, and pico de gallo chopped fresh each day. We could have chosen an easier pledge, like kinda fresh semi-homemade food, some of the time,but then we’d be like everyone else and that would be zero fun. Also Chevys semi-fresh mex would be a weird name for a restaurant. All hypothetical reasons aside, we’re proud to serve the freshest Mexican food this side of the border.” One of the Real Mex Restaurants, guests are offered “the widest array of Mexican food options in the United States, from the Fresh Mex experience of Chevys to the authentic Mexican cuisine of El Torito, to the casual California Mexican cuisine of our Acapulco Mexican Restaurants, as well as a number of other concepts operating in the U.S. and abroadReal Mex Restaurants is committed to the highest standards and is dedicated to serving the freshest Mexican food with excellent service in a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment.”

Ambiance: Bright and bold, the restaurant is spacious, loud, and full of color. Bright yellow walls meet with bold blues and red walls are complemented with green fonts, each with a large, vibrant picture (of avocados, cerveza, salsa, etc.) set askew. Hardwood paneled ceilings create dim lighting, while concrete floors allow for easy clean-up. Booths, lined with fabric of dulling colors, striped, line the walls around the huge establishment, and chairs set against tables fill in the spaces in between. Large windows face out onto the main street outside, while loud music blares in the background. Servers hustle between tables to ensure happy customers everywhere!

What I ordered: We had two free entrees and decided to go for the most expensive! We started with the Sizzling Steak ($16.99) fajitas – citrus-chile marinated and mesquite-grilled steak cooked to our liking, served with bags of three each: soft, warm fresh flour tortillas.

Sizzling Steak Fajitias

The fajitas also came with sauteed San Antonio veggies, Fresh Mex rice, fresh guacamole (complete with cactus-shaped red tortilla chip), sour cream, pico de gallo, and Chevys signature Sweet Corn Tamalito. Our choice of pinto and black beans were served alongside the rice. We also enjoyed the Chimayo Samon ($18.49) – fresh mesquite-grilled salmon nestled into a fresh corn husk with a Mexican BBQ sauce and baked with kick, served with the same fajita sides.

Two Fajita Dinners

What I loved: The steak was very chewy, making the salmon the immediate winner by way of meats at our table. I loved the Sweet Corn Tamalito, the soft, fluffy, fresh flour tortillas, and the fresh, julienned vegetables sizzling on our tray. The guacamole was chunky – just the way I like it – and the rice and beans a great complement to the rest of the meal.

Cactus Tortilla Chip

Why I loved it: The portions are huge! The food is tasty! And the space is great for large parties.

Cost: Average to high ($11-$20 per entree)

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