Lavender Moon Cupcakery

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How I heard of this place: On our walk from the King Street Metro station towards the Alexandria waterfront, we stopped for brunch, toured Olio and sampled some of its flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars, stopped by The Spice & Tea Exchange, and then noticed a small sandwich board with a lavender-colored block noting a nearby cupcakery, among other things that could be found down Royal Street. As we continued by, I read the word aloud and Chris stopped, immediately, in his tracks. We turned back and headed towards the brightly colored and whimsical space of Lavender Moon Cupcakery.

Type of cuisine: Cupcakes. A dozen cupcake flavor options, all beautifully presented on raised platters behind a windowed frame.

Flower Trees

Ambiance: Walking up Royal Street, Chris was eager to find the cupcake shop and pointed out each sign, “Is that it?” as we made our way to Lavender Moon. I spotted it on the right side of the street from the bright pink cupcake with fuscia cupcake holder, dangling on silver chains from the wrought iron sign holder protruding from the brick building. The (mostly) white doorframe could be reached by climbing two brick stairs and stepping up into the hard wood floors of Lavendar Moon. In the glass door, a knitted, quilt-like OPEN sign hung from another pink cupcake sharing hand-written and changed store hours.

Pink Staircase

Despite the raspberry, fuscia and pink walls and thin staircase ahead, the first thing I spotted was a paper mache cupcake protruding from a skyblue surface set in a black frame. The bright white frosting over the paper cup, complete with maraschino cherry on top was so cute it kept my eyes coming back for more. And then, I couldn’t help but see all of the hues and shades of raspberries and pinks throughout the space. Walking towards the left, through the dining room of this old and creaky floored house, we found a room with walls painted in stripes of dark pink and red. An old school desk in one corner, sitting directly in front of the white, glass-front armoir was the most quaint of seating options in this room. Plastic chairs in purple trim being another option. And the small white wooden table another.

Desk, Cupboard & Walls

The table we chose, at the windows facing Royal Street, had twirly-backed chairs and yellow seat cushions, adding to the whimsy. Overhead, a chandelier of sorts hung from the white-painted rectangle in the ceiling above, with six exposed light bulbs hanging down; large Christmas ornaments in a variety of colors hanging at different lengths kept the motif of cute and quirky going. We made our way through the striped room, and through the white-framed two-door wide entry into the seafoam green colored room, where a booth of birch-colored wood stood, holding the dozen cupcake flavors. A plastic, blue childrens table and two mini stools kept the cardboard Santa cutout company in front of the unused brick fireplace. An intricate glass-topped table at the far end held business cards, newspaper clippings and memorabilia relevant to the establishment. The cloudy grey textured ceiling created dim lighting in the space, where only an intricate, antique chandelier dangled, barely lighting the knit cupcake hanging nearby. The bright blue background behind the cupcake display made the perfect, bright cupcakes pop. Each flavor set on vibrant raised plates in greens, lavender, blues, pinks and glass, each flavor at a different height on the counter, behind the framed glass window kept our mouths watering, our tastebuds jumping in anticipation and decisions very difficult to make. A white shelf hung behind, where a coat rack doubled up as a place to hang paper bags for easy carrying of take-away sweets, and more knit cupcakes atop. The pink boxes above the two girls hosting us added more spunk and color to our already Alice-in-Wonderland experience.

Cupcakes Galore

What I ordered: Having only a dozen flavors from which to choose, we requested a tour of our options before making a decision. In no particular order, the server offered: Flourless Chocolate with Almonds & Sea Salt, Buttermilk with Mexican chocolate Pudding, Devils Food Peanut Butter Mousse, Triple Belgian Chocolate, Blood Orange Dreamsicle, Vanilla Bean with Lemon Curd, Vanilla Vanilla, Red Velvet, and then their specials: Pumpkin & Chocolate, Chestnut Ganache, Smores, and Butterscotch Crumb Cake.

Our Cupcakes

What I loved: I most loved the Triple Belgian Chocolate cupcake for its brownie-like cake and deep, dark, smooth mix of dark and milk chocolates frosting. Next came the Butterscotch, light and creamy, fluffy and flavorful. Followed by the thick, cakey, creaminess of the Blood Orange. Although the tried and true and well-loved (by me) combination of chocolate and orange brought the two together in taste-bud delight!

Why I loved it: Whimsical design. Bright colors. Alice in Wonderland feel.

Cost: Average ($3, even, per cupcake)

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