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(No website found at time of publishing) – Ferndale, Washington

How I heard of this place: My friend Leslie introduced me to the Asian Bistro when we met up for lunch on a lovely, Bellingham, summer day. When I arrived at her work-place, Leslie said she was craving Chinese food and knew just the place.

Type of cuisine: Chinese with samples from Thailand and Southeast Asia. The menu boasts “Oriental Food – We are different! Oriental Pasta – We are the best!” Posted on Yelp! by a fellow diner: “This family-owned Chinese restaurant is a refreshing departure from the uniform mediocrity of most Chinese restaurants.  This food is definitely more individualized than cookie cutter – and the service that the family lavishes on their guests is heart-felt and pleasant.  Their wonton soup is delightful with large fresh-cut vegetables and a delicate stock…Besides Chinese and Thai food, Asian Bistro has some interesting and original dishes on the menu; for example, although I was tempted, I wasn’t brave enough to try the Kung Pao Spaghetti.  Perhaps next time.”

Ambiance: A strip-mall setting welcomes patrons through the doors of Asian Bistro. An open, square-shaped floor plan with floor-to-ceiling windows lining two sides of the establishment, natural daylight streams through and onto our table. Booths, as well and chair & table seating are available alongside the windows, with tables and chairs available in the center of the restaurant for more busy lunch hours. The staff and owners are friendly, recognizing Leslie immediately, and asking her about a friend of hers (by name). Our female server is always smiling, offering recommendations to the menu with popular items and those that she prefers, while ensuring that everyone entering through the doors is warmly greeted, quickly seated and offered tea and water without hesitation.

What I ordered: At both the recommendation of my dining companion and the server/owner, we each selected the Mongolian Beef ($6.35 each) off of the Luncheon Special Combination menu, served with egg drop or hot & sour soup, and steamed or fried rice.

What I loved: The beef was, by far, the most flavorful and delicious Mongolian beef I have tried to date. The fried rice was a bit dry, but the sweet and slightly spicy juices of the beef gave it the flavor it was meant to have.

Why I loved it: The service is friendly, the food good and the proximity to Leslie’s office unequaled.

Cost: Low ($5.75 – $6.85 per lunch combination special)

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