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(japanika.net) – 3636 Haifa Hanassi 122

How I heard of this place: Three Two years ago, while visiting my sister in Haifa, she suggested a Girls Night Out at Japanika. The restaurant was new, from my previous visits to Haifa and the Merkaz, and has become a regular during my visits.

Type of cuisine: A sushi bar, with options for those preferring noodles, salads, soups and rice.”J. panic is a sushi bar restaurant chain that operates in leading since 2004. Our kitchen specializes in Asian and Japanese style roll the particular course Many, many sushi … A combination of quality product and attractive prices invite Our extensive client base. It all started in winter 2004, a young couple full of initiative establishes a sushi bar street Corner of Dizengoff and Gordon with a sign “J. panic” at the door. Over the years, started more Branches, added partners, recruited hundreds of workers were hosted by thousands of customers. Sushi bar restaurant quality, with the same sign at the door …

Ambiance: A bustling hipster establishment, Japanika welcomes patrons through double glass doors at the top of a set of rounded stairs outside. The host to your right, on the left patrons can choose bar seating at the sleek, white counter set against a dark bar with blue-toned lighting and mirrors behind. The walk past the bar, with chair and table seating to the right, leads back to the length of the L-shaped establishment. White, plastic chairs are occupied by patrons dining, laughing, talking and enjoying their night out. The black tables hide black menus placed in front of each diner. A tall bamboo plant extends from a white pot just ahead of the sushi bar at the back of the establishment, nearly hitting the ceiling, creating a bit of taste for nature in this contemporary classic setting. Servers, patrons and chefs create a bustling atmosphere, where quick service and rushed meals have no place.

What I ordered: Among the seven of us dining on this reunion occasion, two started with a black bowl, red interior of miso soup (11NIS), a soy-based soup, served with green onion and wakame seaweed. A bowl of edamame (12NIS), Adams, according to the menu, soybeans served with sea salt and a bowl of steamed white rice, topped with fried strips of something I didn’t catch a close enough view of, and spring onions. For the main entrees, I selected the Umami Roll (36NIS), shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, chives and asparagus maki wrapped in thinly sliced tuna and avocado. Two in our party selected the Japanco (28NIS each), with choice of fish and two vegetables: salmon, avocado and chives, rolled in rice and sweet potato, and tempura-fried for eight pieces of crispy deliciousness! Served with a side of (requested) spicy mayo, it was the main attraction at this dining showcase! We had two more orders for maki resembling the traditional California Roll, two inside-out (25NIS), seaweed on the inside of the rice roll and two outside-in (19NIS). Choice of one fish and two vegetables was offered on each of these selections – including shrimp, tuna, avocado, cucumber, chives. One plate of sashimi was ordered, with bloomed roses shaped by salmon and tuna, decorated with chives.

What I loved: The winner for everyone on this evening was the Japanco! The carpaccio-cut avocado and tuna laid gently over the Umami rolls was beautifully presented and deliciously made.

Why I loved it: The food is good, the atmosphere friendly and fun, the music low enough to talk over, but loud enough to hear, the venue family friendly, and the opportunity to sit for hours with old friends without being rushed to pay the bill or make your exit upon completing the meal.

Cost: Average (13NIS-36NIS per sushi serving of four to eight pieces)

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