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(No website found at time of publishing) – Masada

How I heard of this place: My friend Ashley wanted to go out and chill at a cafe late this evening and the Masada vibe was what she was craving. Made in Argentina is directly across the street from the Puzzle Cafe, which I had frequented during the days of my older sisters’ stint in Haifa (in the late 1990s). Fun to see that some things never change.

Type of cuisine: While they promote an Argentinian vibe, complete with futbol (soccer) playing on the flat screen television hung over the bar, the place is still very much Haifa. The English menu, which was offered to us by the young, scruffy, man behind the bar, “This is a beautiful menu! I made it myself!” had options ranging from the traditional paninis, extravagant salads, pita with hummus and fallafel, to fresh squeezed orange juice, limonana, hot chocolate, tea, iced and hot espresso beverages. Argentinian-inspired dessert (dulce de leche) in three ways was also on the menu!

Ambiance: Small, intimate, cozy with limited indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a small nook upstairs with three small, square tables, and eight chairs. Patrons with hookas remained outdoors to waft the sweet-smelling smoke into the fresh, rain-crisp air, while those wishing to watch the game, sat indoors on cushioned seats, craning their necks up towards the ceiling, from where the TV hung. The outdoor seating, in close proximity with the hookah bar to its left and a fallafel shop to its right, squeezed all of us diners in tightly, so as not to expose ourselves to the rain-storm over the street. The floor-to-ceiling windows and hand-written Made in Argentina sign, set askew welcomed us, along with the eight other patrons just outside. Walking in, we headed past the people watching the game towards the bar, crowded in the back of the establishment. Alcoholic beverages lined the shelves on the wall, while cutting boards and knives were strewn about the counter. A small fridge and grill-top are available for fresh-made sanwiches, salads and other menu items. Upstairs, the lofted area boasts a muted yellow wall in a space about five meters by five meters is decorated with two picture frames, dark, wooden floor boards, and a large television plugged in to the corner. An orange sheet covers an open doorway that leads to a dark space, resembling a storage area.

What I ordered: I ordered a hot chocolate (12NIS) and my dining companion selected a cup of tea (8NIS). The tea selection was presented in a box, with herbal, black and green options. The hot chocolate was served similarly to most cafes in Haifa, where a very thick, milk-chocolately concoction is served in a mug with a spoon.

What I loved: I only sampled the hot chocolate, and love the hot, thick, creamy consistency on a cold, rainy, Mediterranean evening.

Why I loved it: Late night spots in intimate settings with young adults all over. What’s not to love?

Cost: Average ($2 – $3 per tea, coffee, hot chocolate beverage)

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