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How I heard of this place: I first went to Aroma in the Haifa Merkaz, when a friend serving at the Baha’i World Centre offered it as a great cafe to study and have a bite to eat, with both indoor and outdoor patio seating for a Haifa summer. This venture was the first I have had at this particular location.

Type of cuisine: Lunch and cafe fare, sandwiches, soup, salads, made fresh, on the spot, to order. A variety of coffee and tea beverages, included iced and hot options, alimonena, orange and carrot juices. Pastries are available for order, as well as gluten free chocolate chip cookies and bread rolls.

Ambiance: Always bustling, this cafe is often large and spacious in terms of the room size, but very cramped by way of tables and chair settings. People are all over the place, from the line that extends out the door to waiting at the counter for take-away orders, to sitting and standing in the cafe partaking of their fare. Windows cover most sides of the establishment looking out over the street and passerby. Indoors, beyond the loud voices of patrons and friends, baristas and cooks exchanging orders, comments and laughs, is a bar, behind which stand the baristas and cashiers. Behind them, is the kitchen area, open window outlet where one can see the people preparing their lunches.

What I ordered: On this visit, my sister ordered the Personal Chicken Salad (38 Israeli shekels), lettuce, tomato, carrot, hot chicken breast cubes, red onion, purple cabbage and a variety of dressings, including honey mustard, oil and vinegar, Italian, and a goddess mint. I ordered the Personal Tuna Salad (30 Israeli shekels), at the recommendation of our server, which was offered with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green beans, pickles, tuna, boiled egg, red onion and a honey mustard sauce (dressing). Each of the salads came with our choice of bread (two slices, each cut in half), 3-grain rye and health bread. Other options included whole wheat and white. I also selected a half-portion of the Portobello Sandwich (15 Israeli shekels), pesto sauce, tomato, red onion, arugula, portobello mushrooms and sea salt on 3-grain bread. My brother-in-law opted for the whole Chicken Breast Sandwich (33 Israeli shekels), health bread with warm chicken breast, roasted red peppers, onions, aoili sauce, tomato and arugula. Our take-away order arrived, but was missing one of the salads. When I returned to correct the error, the server assisting me placed the order for a new salad to be made, with chicken grilled to order. As I waited, I asked her what a certain beverage was that she had placed on the counter. She said, “Ice Coffee” and offered me a sample. The sweet and icy treat was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up! When asked what I thought, I said, “It’s delicious! Thank you.” The server disappeared and when she returned, she did so with a full-sized to go cup of the Iced Cappuccino.

What I loved: I loved the light and fresh bread. I loved the fresh ingredients in the salad, warm chicken, just grilled. I really enjoyed the iced cappuccino! Everything is flavorful, hearty and delicious!

Why I loved it: I love the quick pace, the energy and the high-traffic atmosphere of each of the two Aroma Cafes I have visited during my times in Haifa.

Cost: Average ($4- $10 per sandwich or salad)

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