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(jaipurcuisine.com) – Fairfax, Virginia

How I heard of this place: My new friend Jack first introduced me to Jaipur, as being one of the best Indian restaurants in the area. He suggested a meal out after a week of cooking meals and enjoying the comfort of home.

Type of cuisine: Traditional Indian cuisine from the northern region of India. “The cuisine we present is rooted in the rich heritage of India it is a combination of subtle tastes where the flavors are as varied as India’s climate and as exotic as India’s people. Fragrant, pungent and warm spices from all over India are delicately blended to create the dishes. The blending and preparation of spices is a centuries-old craft and indispensable to Indian cuisine. Our Dishes are authentically prepared in our restaurant, just as we would in our own home. And while you enjoy our hospitality, please consider our home yours!” Additionally, Jaipur’s website boasts, “Indian cuisine is a combination of many subtle tastes. Flavors are as varied as is the climate of India , and as exotic as the people of India . Fragrant, pungent and warm spices from the four corners of the country are delicately. Blended in meticulous proportions to create the dishes we present to you. Each dish will have its own distinctive flavor and aroma, which cannot come from any curry powder, but from, spices which have to be separately prepared each day fresh for each individual dish. Our traditional dishes are rooted in the soil of Bengal and Northern India and they are prepared in our restaurant as they would be in our own homes.”

Ambiance: “Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is one of the jewels of Rajasthan, a northern Indian province west of New Delhi. The restaurant’s name did not come by chance; it is the original home of the manager and the chef. The decor includes rows of beads adorned with brilliantly colored birds and a contingent of elaborately dressed puppets. stunning paintings by Indian Artists and the interior design in accordance with the principles of Rajisthans Royal Palace. A perfect setting for a relaxing meal with friendly staff and superior service.” As one enters the glass, double-doors, the bar straight ahead, complete with bartender cleaning shot glasses with a white towel, he is greeted with a smile. Making your way through the adorned space, one notices the abundance of Indian artwork and crafts, the brightly colored, gold-threaded silks draped over the windows, and pink walls in this large space. Tables are clothed in pink linen and fake, red roses in small vases. Branded plates with the restaurant logo are presented with silverware, as are the pappadoms and sauces to start. Music plays softly in the background as hushed voices can also be heard throughout the establishment.

What I ordered: My two dining companions and I were famished upon arrival, and chose to start with Aam Ki (Mango) Lassis ($4 each) two orders of the Vegetable Samosa ($3.95 each, including 2 samosas in each order). These triangular pies stuffed with steam potatoes and peas, delicately tempered with spices and herbs were served immediately and consumed as quickly. For our main entrees, Jack selected the jucy Lamb Chops ($17.95), marinated in lemon juice and tandoori spices and grilled in the tandoor, served on a sizzling plate with grilled onions and herbs, with a side of Dal Tardka, yellow lentils tempered with onion, tomatoes, ginger and garlic. Our third dining companion chose the Murgh Makhni ($13.95), Jaipur’s “signature entrée often copied but never equaled“, which included cubes of B.B.Q chicken folded in a rich, creamy tomato sauce enhanced by fenugreek leaves. Wanting to share something different, I requested the opinions of my two companions, both of whom opted for the Saad Paneer ($11.95), home made cubes of cheese combined with freshly chopped spinach. The two curry dishes were served with a plate of rice, topped with a sprinkling of fenugreek seeds. Garlic naan ($2.95) brought the entire meal together.

What I loved: Of everything on our table, my favorite was the tandoori lamb, the best lamb I have ever sampled. The mango lassis were perfectly sweet and creamy, a great start and complement to the meal. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor of the dal tardka and the spice factor of the murgh makhni.

Why I loved it: The service was, indeed, very friendly and helpful. Our water glasses full before they even hit the table. Our meals were delicous, filling and there is enough for one portion of lunch the following day.

Cost: Average ($12 – $18 per dinner entree)

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